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The Ashes of the Armada Pack From Pirate101

Avast! A brand new pack has arrived in Pirate101, the Ashes of the Armada pack!
You can find the Ashes of the Armada pack in the Crown Shop for 399 Crowns.

You can get new companions, new weapons and various of furniture from Dragonspyre, Grizzleheim and Krokotopia. Does this mean we will see those worlds in game soon?!

Here's a list of what I got from the packs. I'm pretty sure that I got about 95% of the items in the pack. If I'm missing any, just let me know!


Grizzleheim Themed Furniture

Square Waterbucket
Short Ladder
Great Birch Tree
Small Birch Tree
Small Wheelbarrow
Striped Urn
Bear-Prowed Rowboat
Weapons Cache
Barrel Table
Lounge Table
Runestone Spiral
Clawed Runestone
Heroic Runestone
Wild Mushrooms
Tree Lantern
Potted Palm
Kitchen Ware Pots
Honey Pot
Drinking Horn
Painted Bowl
Horn Leg Stool
Rough Fireplace
Claw Footed Trough
Barbaric Throne

Dragonspyre Themed Furniture

Draconic Street Light
Crystal Storage Rack
Green Gem
Dragonskull Obelisk
Dragon Claw
Magma Blister
Volcanic Steam Vent
Foul Cauldron
Drake Egg
Ruined Arch Ring
Lava-Filled Fountain
Boris Blackrock Statue
Wyrm Stand Table
Wyrm Style Endtable
Spired Bed
Wyrm-Footed Dresser
Dragon Wall Bust
Clawed Wall Scone
Dragonwing Bust
Crystal Cluster
Cash Register

Krokotopia Themed Furniture

Krokotopian Counter
Hieroglyphic Bookshelf
Krok Scarab Pillar
Lunar Emblem Bed
Sand Celebration Rug
Painted Chameleon Statue
Painted Column
Large Archway
Ice Mummy
Open Ice Sarcophagus
Balance Instructor Desk
Krok Student Desk
Krok Brazier
Fang Harp
Serpent Seat
Boat Tent
Royal Krokotopia Vase
Row of Scrolls
Krok Chalkboard

Wallpaper & Flooring

Wood Plank Floor
Hiercoglyph Wall Decor
Opal Flagstones



Haywire Battle Angel (Swashbuckler)
Haywire Marine Companion (Buccaneer)
Haywire Musketeer Companion (Musketeer)
Haywire Dragoon Companion (Class?)

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