Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dworgyn & Evil Veggies: A Leaked Quest!

It was a pleasant day as I arrived outside of the gates of Labyrinth when I got a strange and urgent message from Dworgyn. So off I went to the Death School.

So off I went to the Haunted Cave and as I neared the cave within it, I notice something on the ground...

Once I hear that cry, I run to the gate that bars my way into the Cave..
"I'll be right there," I cry, shaking the bars in vain. They're rusted shut. So me and my fellow wizards stand and wait until the gates give way. That poor gardening mole.. 

What do you think lies waiting beyond that gate? Zombies? Monsters? Evil Veggies?!


  1. I have run all around outside the labyrinth gates and I am triggering nothing. What am I doing wrong? I am using my Level 80 Pyromancer. Is this jus for death only?

  2. The quest was removed since it was not supposed to be released. But they will return the quest and you can start it or continue it. When it returns, talk to Dworygn, he tells you what to do. He is the Death Teacher. I am betting that next month, the quest will come back for Halloween. :)


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