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A Successful Hybrid in Pirate101!

I was so excited when I hatched this pet from my Golden Sky Rattler and Cheyenne's Deathstalker Scorpion. But apparently the Golden Dragon as I call it since it doesn't fit the "Golden Sky Rattler" at all is not a true hybrid. It's a bug. And they are planning to turn them all back into true rattlers or snakes. What a let down. But suddenly I heard rumors of another hybrid in the morphing tent...

Introducing the Grimtooth Reaper that came from a Ebon Spectre and a Not So Great White Shark (NSGWS). Thank you Swordroll for hatching with me!

But the work on hybrids is not stopping here and Decius has given nice information and hints for us to focus on.

So there's more hybrids among the most common pets? That would be the Ostrich, maybe the pack pets, the new pets for gold, chameleon or the badge pets maybe?

If you're doubting that they exist on live, don't fret. Decius have confirmed that they are!

We have been having an extremely hard time trying to copy over the new Grimtooth Reaper and what Decius said might explain why. The reaper probably doesn't allow itself to be copied over at all. The only way you can get it is if you hatch its parents. It took me NINE tries while my lovely friend, Chrissy The Blesser had to do it up to 25 times. Persistence and Patience are the keys here. Don't give up! One day you could be an owner of a Grimtooth Reaper or a brand new hybrid!

Here's a few suggestions:

-When farming for gold, try out the chests in Aquila. If you find the coveted 2 person or especially the 4 person chests,  you can earn up to approx. 11k in one shot! This does make Friar Sands look cheap. I also like this because it helps me work toward my treasure chest badge anyway. There's one for 500 chests! In no time, you'll be an Expert Treasure Hunter!

-Keep an hybrid hatching journal, write down every combo you have tried, so this will keep you on track. Also write down your theories as well. Here's mine: http://starsofthespiralforums.com/topic/10298423/1/?x=0#post8300477

-Just remember, it takes MANY tries to get a new hybrid, so it's all about luck. So don't get so upset if you continue to fail. If you're tired of doing a certain combo, try something new. You can ALWAYS come back to the previous theories later.

-Don't forget, there is a bunch of us hatchers like you on the Wizard101 Boards and other sites. So if you need help, just post away and we're here for you.

A Successful Hybrid in Pirate101! A Successful Hybrid in Pirate101! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Friday, May 30, 2014 Rating: 5

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  1. azteca sucks kingsisle should die i hate it everyone dies and you cannot stop the meteor i hope kingsisle gets sued


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