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Planning The Set Up Of Your Characters

My First Lesson in Account Management

I am at least able to pay for 2 accounts, so this means that I can dual box. Dual box(ing) means I'm able to bring up two Wizard101 or Pirate101 game windows with separate accounts at the same time and quest my characters together. For instance, I can open my first and second accounts which allows my Fire on my first and my Ice on my second to quest together for Wizard101. I can do the same for Pirate101. 

You know, when I first played Wizard101, within months, I filled my first account up with all high level characters and I was so happy. Then I set up a second account and realized that I made a mistake. One account with full 6 maxed out wizards and now this second account, I put a character of the remaining school which was Ice and an extra Life. When I looked at both accounts, I realized that it left me seriously unbalanced.

When dual boxing, I could choose either Ice or Life on my second account to go along with my first account's 6 maxed out wizards. Not enough options there when questing two accounts together. People would say, eh, just raise another one, but what if you didn't want to? Especially when you already have a lovely character of that school who you already raised. Repeating everything on a second account could get a tad boring. Or you just simply do not have the time to raise another one.

Not only that, I regretted raising wizards in certain schools that I found boring or didn't suit my gaming style. This also ate up a spot on my account which could have been used in a better way!

What I Should Have Done

I should have made sure that each account had an equal amount of characters. That way all of my wizards will have a partner while questing. Not only that, I would at least have space on both accounts to hold what I call junk. Those packs can really set up a mess! Not to mention the things you get while questing. 

I should have thought about PvP Plans as well as how to store my junk. If you want to try out low level PvP, this also means that you have to make sure that you had space for them. I at least had one on my second account.

And most of all, I should have researched, slowed down and made sure that I would actually like the character's school that I picked for them. If you don't enjoy it, what's the point?

What Did I Learn?

When I created a Pirate101 account, I already knew that I had to make double sure that I planned it ahead. So currently one account has 3 maxed out pirates while the other has 2 maxed out pirates and both have plenty of space for low level characters to hold my junk. Lovely!

Planning ahead and school or class research is crucial. It is much easier if you make sure that your accounts are balanced ahead of time. With that in mind, you first have to decide what school or class you want to do. If you can afford one or two accounts. Two accounts gives you more choices. One is much harder especially in Wizard101.

When starting a new account, you have to be aware that you have only 6 slots in Wizard101 and Pirate101. Wizard101 has 7 schools. Therefore if you use up every slot in Wizard101, you will not be able to have a character for every school. However, Pirate101 has 5 classes, so you can have a character in every class plus one extra. But this still doesn't mean that you should clutter up your Pirate101 account with random characters.

You also should make sure that you actually do want the class or school. Research of the class or school will help you decide. A simple quiz at the beginning of the game that helps you pick a school won't help you much. My suggestion? Test play a LOT in the Free To Play areas before seriously questing them pass the Free To Play areas. And research, research. Also ask your fellow wizards or pirates about their experiences and ask them for suggestions.

If You Can Only Afford One Account

If you have only one account, well it's tougher I know. This means that you have to be extra sure about what schools or classes that you really want to play. What I suggest for you is to play your newly made characters in the Free To Play areas first and see how you like your character's school or class. Only level them pass the Free To Play zones if you're SURE that you like the school or class. I also recommend that you read up on the multiple guides on different classes or schools at various official fansites. Look carefully at what they CAN do and CANNOT do. You also should read carefully about their spells or powers they receive in the higher levels. You have to make sure that it fits your gaming style.

For instance, for Wizard101, Storm is a powerful school with extremely high damage, but also has low health and a low accuracy rate. Will you be able to think quick, hit fast and still stay alive? Do you have the patience for that? Do you thrive on the pressure? If that would annoy you, maybe having a Fire would be better or even Ice who's very strong.

Or in Pirate101, do you like blow things up? Maybe you'd prefer to be a Musketeer where you can shoot from distance and put traps. Do you like fighting at a distance? Would that bore you? Would you prefer fight in close quarters as a Buccaneer instead? It all depends on your personal preference and your gaming style.

If You Can Only Afford Two Accounts... Or More.

Now if you have two accounts, you have a lot more options. And it's easier to quest since you can dual box which is being able to have two Wizard101 or Pirate101 accounts open. This way you KNOW you always have somebody at your side who's reliable and available anytime.. YOU! Also it saves you crowns from spending on henchmen. Who needs henchmen when you have a clone of yourself? Now that's magic to me.

But make sure if you want to dual box, you have wizards on both accounts that compliment one other. Ice and Storm do quest together wonderfully, so do Storm and Life or Fire and Ice. Now that Balance would help so much in boosting. Same goes for Pirate101. Privateer is quite helpful with Buccaneer who's not so strong or Musketeer with Witchdoctor.

Junk Holders

Lastly, it does not matter if you have one or two accounts, I actually really do suggest to leave one or two spots open with low level characters to hold your stuff on all accounts. It would help you easily organize things and hold surplus things that you are not ready to sell. But this will certainly eat up a spot that you might need in the future. So plan it ahead and decide if this is necessary for you.

To Sum It Up

Think twice when setting up your account(s). Plan it all out. Research before you act. But most of all, have fun!

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