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Deck Set Up for Avalon Bosses & Mob Monsters

When I run around in Avalon on my own or with my other character,
you cannot rely on having a full team or in fact, you can't really rely on other wizards to know your plan from get go.
So my deck is simple - perfect for Bosses AND Mob Monsters.
The ONLY time I update my deck is when I need to change regular Prism to Mass Prism for Mob Monsters.

Remember the BIGGEST deck doesn't have to be filled to the max with cards. Do it wisely. I simply used the biggest deck to take advantage of more copies and bigger Treasure Card deck.

Regular Deck:

Reshuffles are so important in a small deck set up like this, so yes include one. I include only one kind of strong single attack for Bosses and one kind of AOE low pip spell like Tempest for Mob Monsters.

I also include a couple of each kind of feint, single traps, triple traps and blades. I tend to include more single blades because that is the most important of all traps and blades. And of course Colossal.

If you have a hard time fishing out Prisms, you can add MORE copies of the Prisms that you need and possibly more Colossals. 6 of the Prism and Colossal should be enough. I strongly encourage you all to experiment with your own decks because everyone has different fighting styles. But this is a very well rounded deck which applies to everything.

Treasure Deck:

A bigger deck would also allow you more room in your TC deck for Healing which I tend to pack in with 4 Satyrs and 3 Unicorns or whatever you'd like. I pack in Brilliant or Guiding Light for emergency heals. I do pack in a Reshuffle TC just in case. You could also put in Cleanse charms if you get weakness. I tend to wand it off, use Cleanse Charm TCs (you could pack in 3 or 4) or equip an amulet with cleanse charm in it and use it. I liked Unknowable Torc which had Cleanse Charm and Black Mantle if you didn't have a Life Mastery Amulet. I also pack in Feint TCs for Bosses, so I can put two different kinds of Feints on a Boss and do a major overkill.


And if you can, equip a pet with Feint Card such as Onyx Shenlong Dragon or Premier Porker with Spritely, Unicorn, Proof and Defy. This would be a great pet for battles since that Feint card can be stacked with regular and MC Tower. That difficult boss you're dreading to fight will go down FAST with three different kinds of Feint on him. If you don't have a pet like that, get a pet with Dragonblade with great talents.


You could pack in Amplify or Vengeance. But I like Ampify better because it's MORE reliable. You can't expect to Critical your attacks all of the time. Critical is very random and unpredictable. But your Attack Damage is always active. You could include 2 or 3 of either one in TCs or Regular.

Other Things of Note:

I really don't like DOTs because they might be powerful, but they tand to take 3 rounds to do its full damage. Sometimes in fights, time is precious and the more the time goes on, the more chances that they can kill you. UNLESS you have tons of healing ready to keep you alive while waiting 3 full rounds. Up to you.

I strongly suggest that you do this for all schools, include one kind of strong single attack spell and one kind of AOE but low pip spell.

For Death, use Scarecrow but include three or four regular Empowers or Empowerment TCs for it and Dr. Von's Monster.

For Life, buy Donate Power TCs which will give you pips to do a boosted Forest Lord or Gnome. It's also great for Rebirths if needed! So Donate Power is essential for Life chars either way. Also if you want, train up for Humonofrog. Even as Life, I tend to pack Satyrs and Unicorns in TC and just 3 or 4 Rebirths in Regular because either way I can easily heal or attack without having to dig for anything. Other option is train for Empowerment which will give you pips if you get attacked.

For Myth, you can choose either Earthquake or Humonofrog depending on your fighting style and how fast you want to attack.

For Storm, Leviathan and Tempest.

For Fire, Efreet and Meteor.

For Ice, Blizzard and Wooly Mammoth (You could pack in Donate Power or Empowerment TCs for this spell)

For Balance, Judgement and Sandstorm.

Oh what about Supercharge or Backdraft for Storm and Fire? I only pack that in if I don't have Feint TCs. You got to be careful about wasting your pips which will mean MORE time in keeping yourself alive. Feints are more worth it IMO because ONE pip for 70%? That's like about 7 pips for the same thing if you want to use Supercharge or Backdraft.

I hope that I didn't forget anything else. But if you all have a suggestion, please leave a comment!

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