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How does the new Second Spring gardening spell work?

Wolf Nightcaller has tweeted me a question that I thought was best to explain in a blog. "Could you explain the new Second Spring does? I'm not sure what it does."

From reading up on all of this Elder plant information from Wizard101.com, what I have come to understand is what I will explain in the following.

Okay, so we all have Elder plants that looks like this, right? Also known as the Ghostly Elders!

But when we cast the Second Spring spell, it reverts the Elder plant into the Adult plant next to it.
And it will remain Adult forever with no gardening needs ever I believe.
Yes we can harvest from it ONE LAST TIME, so we can get the elder harvest from it.
So don't worry about losing the elder harvest.
But once it's adult and in stasis, it will not give you anymore harvests
after you get the elder harvest out of it which is the LAST stage of harvesting a plant.
Yes that's the Second Spring spell in its entirety. Simple as that.

Now I don't know if you can cast the spell on the plant if it's already adult. But I think casting it on an Elder plant is a good idea so you can reap the Elder harvests.

Wait, what's the point of this? An adult plant with no harvests that stays like this forever?
You can make beautiful decorative gardens!
I can't wait to see what you all come up with!
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