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How To Be One In A Million

Okay, so you wanna be a big shot and enter the One In A Million elite group? ROFL! Just kidding. Okay, so you need the rundown list of what you need, right? Take a look.


Your school single blade (amulet, gear, regular, tc)
Triple Spirit/Elemental blade (regular, tc)
Balance Blade (amulet, gear, regular, tc, pet)
Dragonblade (amulet, gear, regular, tc, pet)
Dark Pact (amulet, regular, tc)
Bladestorm (amulet, regular, tc)


Feint (amulet, regular, tc, pet)
Hex (regular, tc)
Curse (regular, tc)
Your school single trap (amulet, regular, tc)
Triple Spirit/Elemental Traps (regular, tc)

For Fire - add Fuel (regular, tc) & Backdraft (regular)
For Storm - add Windstorm (amulet, regular) & Supercharge (regular, tc)

School bubble (amulet, regular, tc) TC is best FYI.
Ampify aura. (regular, tc) TC is best as well.

For balance, you can try using Judgement to kill or you can use another school's spell. But remember to put on the right blades/traps that fits the school you need.

Now.. Remember there's gears with blades and traps you can craft in WT. But I honestly did not need those. But if you keep failing, maybe you need those. Check the bazaar first! Also check your pets, they could have card talents that could help you regarding Feint, Hex, Curse like Hexster, etc etc. But I was pretty set with FOUR different kinds of feints on the boss (amulet, tc, regular, Onyx Shenlong's card), so you should try that before spending gold and reagents. The pets, Premier Porker and Oynx Shenlong Dragon, does have the Feint cards you need that already comes with the pets.

But most of all, when you do this, ask your friends to join you! Especially ask a balance and death friend to come to put on the two regular balance blades on you as well as the dark pact on you. And you should be pretty set!

Good luck with your quest to be a One In A Million!!!!!!!
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