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How To Set Up Top Buttons On Your Blog!

1) Make a Post (DO NOT PUBLISH IT), upload a button image you want to post on your blog. Save it just in case. Leave the page open.

2) Make another tab in your Chrome or whatever browser you are using, go back to your blog and click on Layout, you will see boxes that says "Add A Gadget." Click on one on the side, search through the App Store for the HTML Gadget, then add it. And once the HTML box is open, waiting for you to type in the HTML code. Leave it open.

3) Go back to your first tab with the post that you saved with the button photo. Click on HTML button next to COMPOSE on the upper left area.

4) You will see an html example like this:


5) Change the "a href" line to a page you want that button to go to.


I changed it to:


Then I removed the other stuff and reduced it to this simpler html that won't force the buttons
to go on top on each other. I removed all of the /DIV or DIV CLASS lines. I also removed all of /BR's.

This is a single button all stripped down to what is needed:


In between buttons add:

Then when you are done, put 

at the beginning and

at the end of the whole thing.

Do not put it in between buttons. Below is an example of a few buttons in its entirety.


Remember; if you want those pages to lead to a label. Use this address: http://www.yourblogname.blogspot.com/search/label/whateverlabelyouwannause

If you want a real page, just set up a separate page and type up your information or whatever you wish to say. But set your date on the page in the option on the right side under labels to a date that's set very very far back and publish it. Then use the page's address for your button.

6) Copy the changed code and paste it in the HTML gadget of your Layout. For more buttons, just repeat the same thing for each button IN ORDER the way you want it to be set up and put in the SAME HTML gadget you set up in your Layout.

Presto! Done!

PS: Thanks to Swordroll for telling me what I needed to do for this one.
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