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May 21st Test Realm Updates!

Yes there's a new Housing out in Test Realm - The Villa Gardens. Look at my prior posts about it. And a new Housing Game called Zeke's Scavenger Hunt. Do look at my prior posts about it as well under "Guide To Housing Games."

Otherwise, here are the little changes that they are bringing to Live game!
  1. Treants in Avalon now count for the Plant Badge
  2. Serpent Table is no longer labelled "No Auction" and can now be traded or sold at the Bazaar
  3. Cloaked cards should no longer get stuck in your hand if they fizzle
  4. Colossal and Extraordinary Treasure Cards can no longer be sold at the Bazaar
  5. Experience rewards have been adjusted for the quest "Wyrd to your Mother".
  6. There were two quests named "A Piece of Mine", on in Dun Dara and one in Deep Water. The quest in Dun Dara has been renamed to "Walk the Night Alone". This will not impact progress of the quest, it will simply change the name of the quest in your Quest Journal
  7. Names should no longer appear in black text for players with older/outdated video cards
  8. Pets obtained through the quest given at level 78 now have a school requirement to equip.
  9. Detonate should no longer target Heal over Time spells
  10. While on the MooShu Quest "Monknapping" the dungeon sigil for the Shrine of the Mind should now light up as expected
  11. The gate will remain open during the quest "Creatures of Habit" in Avalon
  12. You can no longer Quick Sell items purchased with Arena Tickets
  13. Guardian Spirit will now heal for 15% instead of 25%
  14. Players must now complete "Ghost Hunters" before they will be offered the quests "Saving Private O'Ryan" and "Pesky Pirates" in Unicorn Way
  15. Players must now complete the quest "Rattlebones Report" in Unicorn Way before they will be offered the quest "Enrollment"Players must now complete the quest "Stop the Maker" to defeat Rattlebones before they will be offered the quest "Grim Tales", also in Unicorn Way
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