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Pirate101 News!!

Here are a few clips from articles I've read about Pirate101 that I wanted to share with all of you.


From this article: http://massively.joystiq.com/2012/05/09/wizard101-fansite-owner-hired-to-be-pirate101s-community-manage/

Friendly Necromancer just stated: "My job will be to focus on the Pirate101 community, but my roots are grounded with Wizard101. When I can help, I will. In fact, just the other day, I helped test a new housing game with the programmers and QA. SQUEE!" 

OMG NO SERIOUSLY?! Another housing game like Tag Game. Gosh I'm so excited to see how it works!


From this article: http://www.gamebreaker.tv/mmorpg/set-sail-for-adventure/?utm_campaign=MMORPG&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitter
And yes, the game is “very close to launch,” relatively speaking; Howard confirmed that the game was currently in alpha, with beta testing and a launch planned before the end of the year.
And after that? KingsIsle confirmed that they have three more projects in development! Howard wouldn’t confirm if they were full-fledged MMOs or other products, but suffice to say that this won’t be a two-game company for long. 

Gosh, Pirate101 is almost ready to go to Live?! My heart can't take this. This is too exciting! Wait wait,.. three more new projects.. My mind is blooooown. What can this be all about?! This is incredibly exciting and I don't think I can't take the anticipation!


The ships will be highly customizable, with players able to choose color schemes, flags, cannons, and loads of other options. But ships won’t replace personal housing – after all, every pirate needs his or her hideaway, as well, to store all that ill-gotten booty.
But ships won’t replace personal housing – after all, every pirate needs his or her hideaway, as well, to store all that ill-gotten booty.

Awww nooooo. I wanna a Ship Houseeeeeeeee! :( But that's good news though as well, we can buy houses in P101!

Pirate101 will follow pretty much the same payment model as Wizard101: free-to-play, with Crowns as the real-money currency that can unlock new areas or purchase special items. Memberships will also be available, including “package” memberships that include both games.

WOOT! This will be great for me who will need membership for BOTH games. Gosh can't wait!!
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  1. I hope KI plans to redo Shadowbane in the near future for the sake of seeing their original product. I would like to see Knight 101, Ninja 101, and Bieber 101 (jk) soon.


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