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Pirate101 Sneak Peek of the Towns of Skull Island, Mini Games and Q&A's

The Towns of Skull Island!
Sneak Peeks of the Towns available in Skull Island


Jonah Town



Puerto Mico


Pirate101 Mini Games!
There are 6 new Mini Games in Pirate101 that you can use to earn cool items for your Pirate or Ship! They are located on Skull Island  as well as other worlds.

Powder Keg

Coin Drop

Pirate's Pub

Rat Attack

Rogue's Range



Top Questions & Answers from Pirate101
All about Memberships and Pirate101's Beta Status

Will my Wizard101 membership work for Pirate101?

No, Wizard101 and Pirate101 will have separate memberships. However, there are great ways to save if you play multiple games!
  • If a single account has both Wizard101 and Pirate101 monthly memberships, each game will be at the $6.95 per month pricing that is currently considered “family pricing” in Wizard101. This means if you already have a 1 Month Membership for Wizard101 at $9.95 per month, you can add Pirate101 for just an additional $3.95 per month!
  • If any family/linked group of accounts has two or more 1 Month Memberships regardless of which games, those will be priced at $6.95 per month as well.
  • For our Crowns players, Crowns are at an account level and can be spent in both Wizard101 and Pirate101.

Where and when can I download Pirate101?

If your account is selected for Beta you will receive instructions with your Beta invitation. When Pirate101 goes live later this year, it will be available for everyone to download at no cost.

When is Closed Beta?

A closed Beta phase for Pirate101 will occur later this year.

Is there an Open Beta?

Currently, there are no plans to hold an open Beta.

When will I know if I can play in the Closed Beta?

We will make an announcement through the Pirate101 website and Facebook page before we send out official Beta invitations. If your account is selected for participation in Beta testing, you will receive an official email from KingsIsle.

How do I get selected for Closed Beta?

To enter into our Closed Beta drawing, all you have to do is login to Pirate101.com with your existing Wizard101 account. If you’re new to KingsIsle Entertainment games, register for a Pirate101 account and you’re in the running!

Will KingsIsle keep working on Wizard101?

KingsIsle remains absolutely committed to adding new systems, stories and worlds to Wizard101. In fact, we have more people working on Wizard101 today than we did at launch in 2008.


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