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Why Floundering Is Good

I found this article and wrote my own words to it last night in preparations to publish it today. But today I am publishing this in honor of Friendly Necromancer Thomas Lionblood's new job as Community Manager at KingsIsle. He has achieved in getting his dream job because he didn't give up! He followed his heart and passion. Congratulations, Friendly!


"Why Floundering Is Good"

Call it the “learning paradox”: the more you struggle and even fail while you’re trying to master new information, the better you’re likely to recall and apply that information later. The learning paradox is at the heart of “productive failure,” a phenomenon identified by Manu Kapur, a researcher at the Learning Sciences Lab at the National Institute of Education of Singapore.
Kapur has identified three conditions that promote this kind of beneficial struggle.
  1. First, choose problems to work on that “challenge but do not frustrate.” 
  2. Second, provide learners with opportunities to explain and elaborate on what they’re doing. 
  3. Third, give learners the chance to compare and contrast good and bad solutions to the problems. 
And to those students and workers who protest this tough-love teaching style: you’ll thank me later.

That's why I always let people make mistakes before showing them the better path or solution. Making mistakes makes us stronger and we understand more about our strengths and weaknesses. The more mistakes we make, the faster we learn about what we can or cannot do. So don't give up when you are struggling against a boss, in a pvp battle, or even pet training. Use all of your lessons to your advantage and you will find a way through anything!

Don't Give Up!
You can achieve anything you want as long as you put your mind to it.

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