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Wanna Be A Legendary Gardener?

So you' want to be a Legendary Gardener?

Here's the best plant to use...

What? Yes I'm serious! They respawn like crazy.
They're easy to raise. And they give amazing XP!

Do a big garden. I usually have 120 plants running at once.
You say, what about gardening spells? Psh. 

And yes I do 120 plants.
120 Soil, 120 seeds.
That means 240 altogether.
That leaves 10 space for any of its likes.

So how do I set it up?
Well, I set up 8 columns
but I leave a column in the middle for any likes.
It looks cleaner than floating IMO.

So that's 4 columns, a empty columns for its likes in-between, 4 columns
then 15 rows from there.
Left side will have 60 plots, Right side will have 60 plots.
So that's 8x15 for you all.

I call it the Kelsey Fireheart Super Standard Garden. ;)

Tada 120 plots!

Don't forget.. To save money, use those Treasure Cards that you've been leaving in your deck
gathering dust. They are a great energy saver.


Notice "ALL".. So yes that's 15 energy for ALL plants.
Now if you got the Hydra energy gears
as well as the crafted gardening knife
and dropped Level 76 School Ring with Energy.

For more detailed information on Energy Gears,

You will have 140 energy to spend which is PLENTY to take care of a big garden like mine.

Be warned, it's the PESTS you got to be careful about. There's no TCs that takes care of pests
for the entire garden. So you have to use the regular spells.

However, I suggest you use the Wyvern's Hoard Gardening TCs
if you're gardening tough plants. They have Sunbird TCs, Blood Bat TCs and more.
Those can keep higher rank pests away for a short time.
But again they don't take care of the ENTIRE garden. :(

Also you can farm for pests TCs which will help you keep away Rank 1 and 2 pests
which do help a lot.

The Key Limes requires Pollination, Magic, Sun and Rank 1 Pests.
That's 45 for the Pollination, Magic and Sun.
For Pests, a large spell would cover 6 rows, so that means
You probably need to do it 6 times to cover the entire garden.
6 x 15 = 90
90 + 45 = 135
That's 135 Energy in total.. if you're careful!

So you should be pretty set if you got everything!

Good Luck!

Wanna Be A Legendary Gardener? Wanna Be A Legendary Gardener? Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Thursday, July 19, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Maybe I just missed them, but here are a few questions -

    1. I don't have many spare crowns to put into packs and so not have a lot of energy gear, though I have the crafted items. Is something like this still possible for me?

    2. Even if you used pots, you'd need at least 120 energy to plant all of the plants. Is it a problem to plant them at different times?

    3. How often does these plants acquire needs, forcing you to log on and take care of them?

    4. Since I'm mostly into gardening for the rewards more than the experience, what sort of rewards do these plants give? Are there other strategies that use more rewarding plants?

    Thanks! :)

  2. One more, do you know approximately how long it will take to reach each gardening level using this method? :P

  3. I did state that it takes 135 Energy to properly take care of a garden this size. So, without the energy gear, it's not possible. Although you can ALWAYS downsize to a manageable size. Or you can also do the Magic, Pollination, Sun while ignoring the pests. The pests don't really get in the way. BUT.. I do have a good suggestion though.. If you wanna do this size, what you could do is.. once you plant them.. quickly do the free Pests TCs you get that keep away the Rank 1 & 2, then that'll free up your energy for other spells. In between keep doing the free pests whenever the plants are okay and you have plenty of energy left over.

    You can plant at different times, that'd help vary their needs and possibly manage them better yes.

    Honestly I only get on twice a day and they're pretty easy to take care of. They are Rank 1, soo they can't easily die. ;)

    They give a lot of low rank snacks that you can sell for gold. As for rewards, it depends on which reward you want. You can use this garden size for EMPs or DHEs. Again it depends on your energy and how many needs that you can manage. For example, if you have 80 or 85 energy.. That means you can manage five large spells and a bit more. So you got to be careful with plants that require a lot of upkeep. But those free Pest TCs you get while questing help a lot in saving energy. I personally don't like mixing DHEs with EMPs because together they have a LOT of needs. If it was Key Limes with one of the higher rank plants, perhaps.


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