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Adventures in Pet Hatching

My babies lurvvvvvvvvvvvves me!

So, I've been called a Crazy Pet Hatcher. That's probably true. I've hatched so many times, working on so many different goals and few of them are to get new pets and find out new hybrids.

If you want to know what to expect in pets that were seen in test,
The only pets that are not included that I will talk about next.

Once test came to live, we were surprised with THREE new pets in Crown Shop - the Clown Fish, Thresher Shark and the Hammerhead Shark.

Now that's a mighty fine afro on the brand new Clown Fish!

Not So Great White Shark on left, Thresher Shark in middle and Hammerhead Shark on right.

The Not So Great White Shark you could get from Pet Wrangling. Apparently it drops from the Sky Snakes near Paths of Penance in Subata Skyway, Mooshu.

I have been hatching like mad and of course what you need most is SNACKS!
How do you get snacks? There's FIVE methods.

1 - Pet Wrangling

You can set your companions on the Pet Wrangling Tasks. They will get you Pet Gear, Pet Snacks and if you're really lucky, a pet!

2 - Pet PvP

It doesn't even matter if you win or lose. Even Practice PvP gives you snaks! You still get some really good snacks! If you're confused how Cheering works or all of the Pet PvP stuff, check out my guide about it at: http://starsofthespiral.blogspot.com/2014/05/pet-training-cheering.html It isn't perfect. But it does cover the basics!

3 - Battles

Any battle you go into will have a chance of snacks dropping!

4 - Second Chance Chests

They do have a chance of giving you snacks as well!

5 - Packs!

There's two brand new packs in the Crown Shop. Mega Snack Packs which gives you Rank 9 and 8 Pet Snacks which normally costs 2,500 crowns each. They also have a much cheaper Snack Pack which goes for 115 crowns. If you 're lucky, you can get a Rank 7 Pet snack along with lower rank snacks. Now don't think this is cheap. I have bought the cheaper Snack Pack and used them a lot if I have to. If you pay to skip the training, you can easily raise a pet from baby to adult within 10 minutes on those same snacks.

So far, there's only a few "special" pets. I think of them as Hybrids, but Pirate101 doesn't think of them that way. Here's the Skull Island Macaw. You can't get a copy of the original Beta pet, the Skarakeet, so instead of that you get a different pet that looks like it. Although, it is named differently and even looks differently.

There's one more pet that I'm totally stumped over if it's a Hybrid or a mistake.
I hatched my Ostrich who's normally very pink with a Ice Scarab and got a blue Ostrich. They both have the SAME name and well, it doesn't make any sense to me! I just found out from one of the developers on the Pirate101 message board that the Pink one is a special pet and the Blue one is the normal pet. Kinda like our special Skarakeet and its Macaw hybrid.

And I discovered a bugged pet when I was using my Golden Sky Rattler..

I was so excited when I hatched this pet from my Golden Sky Rattler and Cheyenne's Deathstalker Scorpion. But apparently the Golden Dragon as I call it since it doesn't fit the "Golden Sky Rattler" at all is not a true hybrid. It's a bug. And they are planning to turn them all back into true rattlers or snakes. What a let down. But suddenly I heard rumors of another hybrid in the morphing tent...

Introducing the first TRUE Hybrid, Grimtooth Reaper, this pet came from a Ebon Spectre and a Not So Great White Shark (NSGWS). Thank you Swordroll for hatching with me!

But confirmed pets in-game that I KNOW that you can get:

Ice Scarab - Dropped by Cadmus, Illios, The Caves of Ruin, Aquila (Not Confirmed)
DinoLizard - Pyramid of Fire, Xol Akmul, Blood Shoals, Skull Island (Confirmed)
Quackosaurus -
Marie Celestia, Skull Island Skyway, Skull Island (Confirmed)
Prawn Emperor, Skull Cap Cove, Skull Island (Confirmed)
Inky Octopus - ?
Violet Puffer Fish - ?
Not So Great White Shark - Sky Snakes, Subata Skyway, Mooshu
Coconut Crawlie - ?

Now so far, we've noticed new animals in the surrounding lands of each world.

Both found in Aquila

But nobody noticed this incredibly interesting new monster in Cool Ranch, the Rollie Pollie!

It even acts like the Armadillo!

So what does this mean? Is it possible that there's a new pet out there based on this monster? Why did it suddenly pop up? What is its purpose?

 Finally, then I decided I neglected Wizard101 long enough, so I visited it. While wandering around and chatting with a dear friend, I accidentally stumbled into a room and found the Stormzilla Eggs.

Then I realized, HEY! Pirate101 should let us have an egg and raise a Stormzilla pet! :D Yes, yes, I know I'm a bit overboard with this pet hatching and all that. I just had an genius idea! I should have a special badge that says "Pet Hatching Maniac!" 

By the way, Pirate101, can I PLEASE have this Panda as a pet?!

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  1. Great stuff and muchly needed. It isn't explained well in the game so this is just the ticket we need to figure out what the heck is going on. Thank you.

  2. Brilliantly said and I agree with you 100% :D

  3. There are also brown squirrels, skunks, crows and koalas. I have pics if you want to use any. :D


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