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The Plow All & Plant All Gardening Spells

Since Roger now has new gardening spells such as the Plow All and Plant All spells, many people go and try to find him only to find they can't find him anywhere. He is invisible on purpose since he's only unlocked by quests that you will have to do. So in order to buy those new cool gardening spells, you have to visit Sumner Fieldgold in Caliburn to start your quests. It's actually pretty easy. You just have to find shrubs and defeat 5 Handsome Fomoris in Dun Dara. I have listed the quests below for you to look through as well as the information on the new gardening spells.

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Quest #1

Quest #2

Quest #3


Quest #4

When you defeat 5 Handsome Fomori, go back to him and he will say.. 

Then you're done!

Now you will be able to find Roger the Shrubber in Abbey Road from now on with the following spells and seeds.

Gardening Spells For Sale

Gardening Rank 10 - 175,000 Gold

Gardening Rank 12 - 200k Gold

Gardening Rank 15 - 250k Gold

Gardening Rank 15 - 200k Gold

Gardening Rank 15 - 300k Gold

Seeds For Sale


Bell Pepper - 600 Gold
Pink Laugh-O-Dil - 1200 Gold
Orange Dandelion - 1200 Gold
Tiger Lily - 1200 Gold
White Desparagus - 2400 Gold
Augora Bunny Ears - 2400 Gold

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