Friday, July 3, 2015

What's Coming Next For Pirate101?

Did you hear that there were teasers in Pirate101's July newsletter issue?

"Say what?"

You heard me! Yes, TEASERS! Now we know there's Ranked PvP coming for sure which was confirmed by the community managers in the latest KI Live livestream. Not only that, in the July newsletter, there was this following picture...

"Pirate, there are things I can teach you, if you wish to learn. But hurry, I must leave this place soon!"

Teach us what? That is the question! Could this be about Ranked PvP or something else new? Like Book 15 or side quest content?

"This way, no that way!"

So as time goes on, we will find out what we will be learning or where we will be heading. But, one thing is certain... Pirate101 Test Realm is coming soon! It's "sometimes this summer" according to the July newsletter!

This is great news for us pirates who have been waiting for something new in-game to do. We will be able to sail the skyways again and face new foes even if it's only in the PvP Chambers.

But I am hoping that it will finally be explained WHY The Jones and Short Stop are found in Catbeard's Liar without any quests. Not to mention, the large area in Devilfish Hollow that are filled with shark mobs and well, we have no clue what we are supposed to do there.

I can't wait until we can solve some mystries that have been literally sitting in-game as well as the ones that have been teased about from Pirate101!

Well, pirates, are you ready?!

I sure am!

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