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What About Fish Trading For Cool Stuff?

Imagine you have so many whoppers, the only way to use them is to display them. But then, what if you can get something better than that? What if you could get trophies? Call it Fish Challenges or something fancy.

What if Lucky Hookline has a new special friend who is a Fish Trader?
He will sell cool recipes for fishing gear or even trophies. Actually make it a girl this time. Female fisher persons are cool too ya know? Call her Kelsey Fireheart, eh? ;)

There would be categories such as Rare, Epic, Whopper, Small Fry, World Themed, School Themed and more. And there would be three or four kinds of trophies - Gold, Silver, Bronze, and maybe Brass.

But to get a better trophy, you will have to trade in the previous one .. if you want. But It's not required.

For instance, you will need 10 Small Fry to craft a Brass Small Fry trophy. But to get a Bronze trophy, you will need two Brass Small Fry trophies, so on, so on. The reason I thought of this is that we can't keep so many fish in our backpack without it being full. It wouldn't help with the space issue at all. But if we did it this way, the fish would be "stored" in a trophy which you can display at your house which would free up fish space in our backpack.

Then we can introduce new ages for Fishing if we wish. Each age would have the number of age on the trophy. For example, the first age trophies would have the number one on it. And maybe there could be recipes to craft a special trophy case for your trophies. For instance, five gold trophies could be crafted into a neat trophy case with the gold trophy displayed in it. There would be different trophy cases for each type of trophy. The gold one would be the fanciest while the brass would be the least fanciest. Each age would have its own unique trophy cases maybe even with a plaque that says "First Age Trophies." This would be a great idea for PvP tournament trophies too by the way.

But we could craft a lot more than trophies or trophy cases. What about fishing gear with energy, fishing luck and more? Fishing holes? If we can craft houses, why not new fishing holes like the Private Fishing Retreat? Heck, why not special fishing pets? If we turn in enough trophies, we can get a special fishing pet with new fishing talents.

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