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What's Wrong With Bartleby?

I was sitting at a computer when I got a few strange messages from my friends who are like those birds who love singing in your ear. Thank you, my little birdies.

"Have you noticed the world gate in Bartleby?"

Uh no, I did not. But when I checked, I noticed the door frame has thickened. I thought, hmm maybe this is a new design thing that came with the last update.

"Have you noticed the trees in Bartleby? They look stripped."

Once again, I said no. But as I looked around, I noticed that they were right. When comparing them to videos on Youtube by fellow wizards who ran through Bartleby or stood around admiring it, you could see the difference. They used to look really thick and was covered with rough bark. The kind you see on trees you buy as housing furniture like the ones below.

Who let the dogs out? WOOF, WOOF!

"Did you notice that the world door is groaning? Like a cold wind?"

 Once again, nope I did not. I am deaf, so this was a surprise to me. I did not even know that cold wind sounds like groaning. Go figure. But suddenly there are theories being thrown around. Is this a hidden teaser? A glitch? Is this an ominous sign that something bad is coming? A cold wind? Does that mean that it's from a cold world like maybe Polaris that we still have not visited yet? Does it mean that something bad is happening in a cold world like Polaris or elsewhere? Or does it mean that winter is coming? Imagine a winter that never ends? Now that's scary.

It is also odd that there are trees that are stripped as well. Why would they be stripped? When trees are stripped, it usually mean that they are dying or are dead. Does this bode bad news coming for us wizards? For Bartleby? Is Bartleby dying? After all we don't know what Old Cob is up to. He could be wrecking havoc on the spiral that's leaving behind effects that's barely noticed, but has deep roots. Like when you throw a pebble in a lake, even though the pebble is far away from you, you still feel the ripples.

If this is true, if this is a teaser, I love it! I love the idea of seeing changes in between story line updates that will leave us wondering, what's going on? Something's not right! It's kinda weird that we have updates out of the blue. Oh yea there's a new update. We didn't see this coming. What a surprise!

But if we had little effects changing, nothing major, to our world in between the updates instead... It does make it more exciting and gives us time to theorize which is fun. Not to mention, it's more realistic that way. The spiral is always changing every day, not just every major update.

For example, imagine what if suddenly the Commons sky turned black in between the updates before we send Morganthe into the spiral (To her death? That's still a mystery)... literally. That would have been epic. We would wonder what happened. What the heck is Morganthe doing elsewhere in the spiral that we can see it from Wizard City?! I think that this is something that games in general do not do, but should do. Let's hope that Wizard101 is actually doing this on purpose. If it was just a glitch or simply a new design update, now that would be a huge let down. Right?

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