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Get a Frankie Forearms Pet in Wizard101!

According to Wizard101, you can get a brand new pet in Wizard101 that you will also find in Rise and Destroy. If you have been to the Arcanum in Wizard101, you will see this red hot cutie running around. 

All you have to do is play their newest mobile game, Rise & Destroy, and get to Level 3. Then you can show off you very own Frankie Forearms pet in Wizard101.

Don't worry, if you already have the game and beaten Level 3, you still will get the pet. Just wait 24-48 Hours for the promo code to show up in your Rise & Destroy mailbox.

If you have not already, that's okay too. You just have to complete three levels. It's pretty easy to do. Don't worry about getting three stars or getting the golden trophy for each level. All you have to do is complete it that's it.

Unfortunately, the ONLY way to get this pet is by playing Rise and Destroy. It is NOT hatchable. If you try to hatch with one, you will get a Crabling in return instead.

The Frankie Forearms' First Generation Pool

So far, we know that the epic talents on this pet are Myth Assailant and Stun (May Cast). This pet is quite interesting with its Balance card while being a Myth pet. It also has Storm and Myth talents as well as being able to use MC Stun.

Guide Contributors:
KaricTheWizard, Flame_Austin, David GriffinGem, Iridian Willow, Argeny Batista

Talents - Derby
Pip O'Plenty - Oil Slick
Stun Resistant - Move It!
Pain Bringer - No Passing
Myth Giver - Drain
Storm Away - Spiffy Pop
Health Boost - Scoot
Myth Assailant - Restore
Myth Shot - Enfeeble
Armor Piercer - Boost
Stun (May Cast) - Siphon

And... I put my hands up... Dance with me!


Get a Frankie Forearms Pet in Wizard101! Get a Frankie Forearms Pet in Wizard101! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Friday, December 18, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. the uncommon closer to the bottom is myth shot

  2. Thank you! I have added it and credited it to you.

  3. I just got this game and beat levels 1-3. I know that today is the last day and that waiting 24-48 hours will go over the last day. Do you think it will count or should I just give up on ol' forearms?

    1. You should have got it by now. I hope you do!


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