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Pirate101's PvP Winter Season Is Here!

The PvP Winter Season has arrived in Pirate101. This means your PvP Rank will be reset and there's brand new stuff at the PvP Vendors! Aren't you excited?! I know I am!

New PvP Pets

Brand new Maxotaurs are here for the Winter Season! Each class's Maxotaur has different color sashes. How adorable! I wonder what new talents and ability those new pets could have?


New Weapons

With the brand new weapons coming in, you can see that they have a cool blue wintry glow for the season. How cool! There are weapons for all levels. But the below ones are for Level 65+.

Notice that new card, Icy Impediment. Sounds useful!

Remember, you have to be a Champion before you can buy those weapons.

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