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The Winterland Pack Is Back With New Stuff!

This year's Winterland Pack comes back with new items never seen before! I have listed only the new items that has been added to the pack this year. This guide is not complete yet. But if you have the missing items, please post them in the comments below or tweet me at @KelseyFireheart.

More information on this pack from Wizard101 at:

Some of the new Winterland furniture items


Spiral Light Tree
Tall Yuletide Tree
Festive Shrub
Festive Snowman
Festive Yuletree

Witch's Hut Painting
Polarian Shipwreck Painting
Portrait of Frozen Tears

Pile o' Presents
Green String Lights
Red String Lights
Stuffed Turkey Dinner

Lively Reindeer Decoration
Majestic Reindeer Decoration

Don't forget that this pack has the Grand Winter Globe and the Yuletide Whopper Aquariums!


The Fakie Ollie
The Winterland Earmuffs

They are dyable!

Treasure Cards

Big Bad Hound - 635 - 715 Balance Damage
Myth Leprechaun - 80 Myth Damage and lowers threat
Colossafrog - 265-325 Death Damage to All Enemies


Lustrous Blocking Opal - +7 Universal Block
Lustrous Critical Opal - +7 Universal Critical
Lustrous Pip Opal - 10% Pip Chance
Lustrous Damage Opal - +12 Universal Damage
Lustrous Mana Opal - +41 Mana
Lustrous Health Opal - +96 Health


And a brand new pet never seen before, the Golden Goose!



Yuletide Stag - 1 Day
Yuletide Stag - 7 Day

This mount does not have new stats added.

Level 110+ Gear

Level 110+ Wands

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