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What Are Inside The Pirate101's Christmas Presents?

Pirate101 has brand new Christmas Presents everywhere in Skull Island. This is the very first time that they have appeared and with them, they give pretty cool loot! I have listed what I know of so far. If you see any mistakes or anything missing, let me know so I can add them!

Opening Presents Are So Much Fun!

Pets, Pets and more PETS!!!


Found Also In Crown Shop:

Yuletide Shark - Toothy Egg (Green/Red)
Noel Claward - Crunchy Egg (Green/Red)
Snowfall Fawn - Furry Egg (Brown/White)

Brand New Pets:

Festive Dimetrosaur - Scaled Egg (Green/Red)
Yuletide Paper Dragon - Soaring Egg (Green/Red)
Paper Chain Snake - Slithering Egg (Green/Red)
Festive Grouper - Slimy Egg (Green/Red)
Yuletide Iguana - Scaled Egg (Green/Red)
Yuletide Crawler - Pinching Egg (Green/Red)
Snow Lionfish - Slimy Egg (White)
Mistletoad - Croaking Egg (Green/Red)
Sky Dragon Candy Cane - Soaring Egg (Red/White)
Festive Candy Dragon - Soaring Egg (Red/White)

Making A Return:

Karma Paper Dragon - Soaring Egg (Yellow/Green)

The Noel Claward


Spiral Light Tree
Rainbow Holiday Tree
Blue Holiday Tree
Big Holiday Tree
Pink Holiday Tree
Large Snowy Pine Tree
Small Snowy Pine Tree
Small Snowy Maple Tree

Pile o' Presents
Star Wrapped Gift
Snowman Wrapped Gift
Polka Dot Wrapped Gift
Tree Wrapped Gift
Purple Reindeer Gift
Spiral Wrapped Gift
Snowflake Wrapped Gift
Long Polka Dot Wrapped Gift
Bells Wrapped Gift
Scrolled Gift
Striped Gift

Festive Shrub
Festive Snowman
Festive Yuletree
Milk And Cookies
Gingerbread House
Large Snowflake
Jar of Candy Canes
Jar of Peppermints
Cranberry Sauce
Cream of Chicken
Toy Monkey
Snow Pile
Small Toy Train Set
Toy Train Set

Holiday Wreath
Pink Wreath
Blue Wreath

Red and White Holiday Rug
Red and Green Holiday Rug
Pink and White Reindeer Rug
Green and Purple Reindeer Rug
Blue Holiday Rug

Holiday Buffet Table
Stuffed Turkey Dinner
Holiday Bed With Lights
Fancy Holiday Bed
Red Ornament
Yellow Ornament

Well Worn Stocking
Holiday Stocking
Swashbuckler Stocking
Musketeer Stocking
Buccaneer Stocking
Privateer Stocking
Witchdoctor Stocking

Witch's Hut Painting
Polarian Shipwreck Painting
Portrait of Frozen Tears

Green String Lights
Red String Lights
White String Lights
Colored String Lights

Lively Reindeer Decoration
Majestic Reindeer Decoration


The neat thing about those candy cane mounts is that you can place them in your house as decoration! 

Brand New:

Berry Candy Cane
Cinnamon Candy Cane
Peppermint Candy Cane
Spearmint Candy Cane
Bubblegum Candy Cane
Ginger Candy Cane

Making A Return:

Armored Scorpion
Sky Shark
Pouncing Panther
Riding Lion
Lonely Buffaloon
Transport Golem
Solar Saber
Forest Tiger
Jaunty Jaguar
Flying Turtle
Lurching Lobster
Prancing Pony
Pirate Parrot
Aquilan Pegasus
Clockwork Wings


Snowflake Eyepatch

Watch me speedily open those presents!

Hope you all have received something cool from those presents! Remember that they will remain around until the holidays are over. So hurry and open them before it's too late.

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