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What Wizards and Pirates Don't Say...

So one day, someone was saying "I need more Mist Wood." And I instantly thought, ha that's like something a Wizard NEVER says. Then that's how the idea of this post was born. 

I have listed some things below that I believe that Wizards and  Pirates don't say in Wizard101 and Pirate101. Hope you agree, if not it's all cool.

Wizard: I need more Mist Wood!

Pirate: I don't need another ship.

Wizard: I don't need another pet.

Pirate: I got enough gear pieces.

Wizard: I don't want to open packs.

Pirate: I don't want Baar.

Wizard: I love bugs! (Game bugs or Khrysalis bugs, take your pick)

Pirate: I love the clothes that the Monquistans made me dress up in.

Wizard: I have enough treasure cards.

Pirate: I don't like Catbeard.

Wizard: I don't need more gold.

Pirate: I don't need more scrip.

Wizard: I have enough mounts.

Pirate: I'm fine with just one house.

Wizard: I don't miss Cyrus Drake's old hair.

Pirate: I want the Armada Elite to win.

Wizard: I don't garden.

Pirate: I don't need more hybrids.

Wizard: I have enough music scrolls.

Pirate: I don't like Bonnie Anne.

Wizard: I don't need jewels.

Pirate: I don't want Book 15.

Wizard and Pirate: I don't love this game.

Hope this made you giggle. It did me. Because ha, I can't imagine anyone saying the above in game!

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