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New In Live Realm: A Bad Omen Has Arrived!

So there's three new Skeleton Key bosses in Wizard101's current Spring Update Test Realm. And one of them is the bad Omen. Omen Stribog, Bad Omen. Remember the teaser picture Wizard101 showed of him while mentioning a bad omen? Hahaha. clever of them. They practically mentioned him by name! He is after all Omen Stribog!

The New Skeleton Key Bosses

Omen Stribog, Rank 17, in Lake of Frozen Tears, Polaris. *GOLDEN KEY REQUIRED*
Ixac Cursedwing, Rank 13, in the Azteca's Black Sun Pyramid. *STONE KEY REQUIRED*
Ra, Rank 4, in the Kroktopia Library. *WOODEN KEY REQUIRED*

But I will talk about the bad Omen aka Omen Stribog aka the naughty puppy! Because let's face it, he's the baddest one out of the whole group. He does require a golden key, you know? Besides, look at him, even though he is evil, he's still quite adorable! Makes me wanna tell him what a cute doggy he is.. Errm.. Anyways, back to the post!

"So it seems this cave is not quite as obscure as I hoped. Who are you? Some prodding young ally of the Vigilants?"

Omen Stribog, Shadow, 40,000 Health. Dark Seraph, Shadow, 25,000 Health.
Dark Fiend, Shadow, 18,000 Health. Dark Sentinel, Shadow, 99,999 Health.

They were quite easy actually. The Dark Sentinel doesn't like blades, so if you get him out of the way first, it's easy blading up to defeat all of them at once.

You can use anything except Feints and School Blades (single/triple trap or until Dark Sentinel is gone.) Bladestorm works though. Dark Sentinel boosts to Fire, so use that to your advantage when possible. They also like to put up tons of shields, so bring along Shatter or Earth. Also the Dark Seraph likes to heal. But she also attacks using the Life Morganthe spell.

If there's anything else I need to add, just let me know in the comments.

So he's not happy that I set him straight? Psh. See, I told you! Bad Puppy!

My First & Best Drop from Omen Stribog - the permanent Luphilim's Wing mount!


I also got those boots. They remind me of Aquila actually. Also check out the kneecaps. I don't know why, but they made me giggle. It made me think of playing hockey or something.

Did you guys get anything good from those bosses? Post your drops in the comments below!

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