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New In Live Realm: Let's Reel In Some Zafaria Fish!

There are now new fish in Live Realm and they are found in... Zafaria! Yes, imagine it, zebra, hippo, lion themed fish and more!

New Fishing Level Cap Or Not?

I know you might have heard that they were going to raise the level cap then changed their plans. If you are behind on the news, let me explain. You see, Wizard101 was planning to raise the maximum fishing level from Level 15 to Level 20. But Wizard101 changed their plans and reverted the level cap back to Level 15. They will hold off the plan for the Level 20 level cap for the future until we are really ready. Why? It's simple, there are just not enough fish with XP that would help us reach Level 20, much less Level 15. But hey, don't worry. Someday, we will be Prodigious Anglers. But first, we need to polish our skills and catch more fish before then. I know that I want to be Level 15 first! I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and work for it, ahem, or reel for it? This obviously also means that the badge is not available. Not at least until we are able to earn it.

Wait, What Is First Catch XP?

If you are new to Fishing or you forgot what "First Catch XP" means, let me explain. The first time you catch a new type of fish, you will get ONE TIME ONLY large amount of XP which is your First Catch XP. Then any fish after that, will give you small amounts of XP.

For example, if you catch a Hippo Tang for the first time, you will receive 1800 xp. But if you catch another Hippo Tang, you will receive 18 xp.

If you wonder what is the regular xp for any fish, it's quite easy to figure out. All you have to do is remove the zeros from the First Catch XP and what's remaining is the regular xp. For example, Rhino Fish gives 2500 xp for the first fish, but more Rhino Fish after that will give you 25 xp. 2500, remove the zeros, that leaves 25 and that is the regular xp.

It's Too Hard Getting Fish In Zafaria!

For those who are having difficulties in obtaining the fish below, here's my advice. What did I do to get the new fish below?

1. I used the Rank 1 Sentinel spell which chases all of them away.
2. I first winnowed away all other schools except the one I need. For example, Elephant Fish is Storm. For that fish, I used Storm winnow. This way I can make sure there are storm fish only in that pond.
3. Once the regular fish shadow was close to the edge, I put everyone to sleep. But if necessary, I will charm all fish to come to me before putting them to sleep. Be warned, this will make all sentinels come which might make your job difficult. If you got to, just be patient and wait for them to move away after charming them to come.
4. I put lures nearby to make sure the nearby sentinels are tempted and I can get rid of them.
5. Then I'm sure it's safe, I finally put the lure near the regular fish to nab. Then I pray that the sentinels don't come rushing in. Those sentinels are mighty tricky!

You will also have to keep that Reset Pond spell handy, so you can keep resetting your pond just in case your fish has been elusive or you have made a mistake chasing it away. If you have any additional questions, simply post in the comments and I'll get back to you!

If you need to know what fishing spells there are and how to get it, go to:

May the fishing gods bless your lure today.


MsPacuman - Fire - Rank 1 - 1700 First Catch XP *SENTINEL*
Found in Baobab Crossroads


Pacuman - Ice - Rank 1 - 1700 First Catch XP *SENTINEL*
Found in Baobab Crossroads & Zamunda

Lion Fish

Lion Fish - Fire - Rank 3 - 1900 First Catch XP *RARE*
Found in Baobab Crossroads

Zebra Fish

Zebra Fish - Death - Rank 1 - 1700 First Catch XP
Found in Baobab Crossroads

Ecto Slime Skate

Ecto Slime Skate - Life - Rank 1 - 2000 First Catch XP *EPIC*
Found in Baobab Crown

Yarn Squid

Yarn Squid - Balance - Rank 3 - 1800 First Catch XP
 Found in Zamunda

Rhino Fish

Rhino Fish - Storm - Rank 1 - 2500 First Catch XP *EPIC*
Found in Baobab Crossroads, Drum Jungle

Elephant Fish

Elephant Fish - Storm - Rank 2 - 1700 First Catch XP
Found in Elephant Graveyard

Duckbill Eel

Duckbill Eel - Myth - Rank 2 - 2100 First Catch XP *EPIC*
Found in Baobab Market

Hippo Tang

Hippo Tang - Myth - Rank 2 - 1800 First Catch XP *RARE*
Found in Waterfront

Found any that I have not found yet? Post your fish in the comments and I'll credit ya!

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