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New In Live Realm: Welcome To Daily Assignments!

We now will have Daily Assignments that you can do every day. After completing every day, you get a reward! Every time you complete the Daily Assignment, you will get a better reward than the last. Be advised that you only get ONE Daily Assignment per day. Also, wizards who are Level 12 and above can participate in this.

The Super Duper Aegon Statz

To start this, simply go to Aegon Statz in Ravenwood, Wizard City who will give you a quest, "The Gravulum Order" to learn how to do Daily Assignments.

My First Assignment!

I was given a quest and assignment to defeat a Rotting Fodder. And once I defeated a Rotting Fodder in the Haunted Cave, I was informed that I had completed my Daily Assignment.

I returned to Aegon who gave me a badge for completing my quest and first assignment.

Yay, I am a Gravulum Adept!

How To Check Your Progress?

Before I completed my Daily Assignment, it showed Day 1 to be blinking and unchecked.

After I finished my first assignment, a check showed up on Day 1. What an easy way of keeping track of what you've done!

You Even Get A Cool Furniture Reward!

That's not the best part I think. The furniture above is! When completing your quest from Aegon, he will reward you with your own Gravulum furniture that you can place in your house.

It's even interactable! You can check your progress there!

One of the great things about the Daily Assignments is that if you can't complete a Daily Assignment, you do NOT lose any progress. You can simply go back and pick up from where you left it last!

Oh, I know I'll be doing this every day. This looks quite exciting! I can't wait to see what that treasure chest icon contains as well as the great Exclamation Point!

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