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What's Coming To Wizard101 Soon?!

Spring Update is coming soon and with that, Wizard101 has begun releasing teasers in anticipation for the upcoming Test Realm. What will we see? We can only guess from their teasers! I have listed all of the teasers below for you to keep track and use to come up with your own theories!

March Newsletter Sneak Peek

In the March newsletter from Wizard101, they released a new picture which is below with a cryptic message.

"Who could these shadowy creatures be? Do you think their presence is a bad omen to the spiral?" -Wizard101

Offiical Fansite Exclusive Teaser

Thanks to Wizard101 for the above picture of a teaser which is exclusive to Wizard101 official fansites.

March 3rd Vine Teaser

Another new vine from Wizard101 showing another mystery boss in Azteca?!

My Prediction?

They could be new skeleton key bosses? The top photo could be of a golden skeleton key boss in Polaris, then a stone skeleton key boss in Azteca and then lastly, a wooden skeleton key boss in Krokotopia? Am I wrong? Am I right? We shall see!

Another thought, what schools would the bosses be? We still do not have skeleton key bosses for certain schools yet. So, I thought maybe balance for Krok, myth for Azteca and death for Polaris. But Alexander Lionheart brought up a good point. Polaris could be Shadow. He also thought that maybe Azteca would be death. Also don't forget Ice is also missing.

March 11th Vine Teaser

More new vines?! What could this be?! A new quest?!

This character looks like he's from Celestia. Look at his clothes. They look like the kind that belongs on the Marleybone Engineers in Celestia. Wait, does this mean that he will give us a quest that will lead us to Celestia, the world where we discovered the Astral Spells first, which will allow us to eventually enter the locked Astral School Classsroom in the Arcanum?! I hope so. I'm dying to see what it looks inside. I bet it's EPIC!

To read the March newsletter from Wizard101, go to: https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/newsletter/march2016

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  1. My theory is that both of them could be skeleton key bosses. But it is possible that the winged wolf is Empyrean origin.

  2. I think this is going to be a new one shot Ultra dungeon :)

  3. Looks like we finally get the chance to battle Ra and use the Ra spell on him. Epic :D

  4. If so, that'd be awesome. I would be curious to see what Empyrea would be like.

  5. What if it was for only Wizard City commons?


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