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Is This Area Locked? Part 2

If you have read my "Is This Area Locked?" part one, you will know what this is about. If not, read it HERE. I listed all of the areas that seem locked to us. But the blog post was not complete. This is why I have made a part 2 to finish showing you all locked areas or places we have not gone in. For Zafaria, it's all about bridges.

A broken bridge in Zamunda

I would love to be able to repair that bridge and maybe find a new NPC with new spells or quests on the other side.

A barricaded bridge in Stone Town

There's an area behind there that looks intriguing. I would love to be able to find a way through and explore the other side. 

A giant golden gate in High Road

Why was this giant golden door blocked? I would love to see the other side. If there's any danger, I am up for it!

A mysterious building in Cenote of Azteca

What is this place? This looks interesting. If we enter it, will we find a new area? What could it hold? More NPCs for new spells and quests? Or a future dungeon?

One of the gates in the Bastion

This is the ONLY gate in the Bastion that reminds locked. WHY? What could be behind this? I hope that we find out someday.

The Tree Roots in the Shadow Palace

We were able to access the Spirit Plane transporter on the left. But then that left the right transporter closed. Will we ever activate it and go through? Will we see the elemental plane? I sure hope so! 

Did we miss any? Are you curious as well about them? Let us know in the comments below.

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