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The Daily Assignment Quest Part 2

***Be warned, if you want to find out for yourself what happens in the quests you get from the Daily Assignments, do not read this.***

Every 15 days, you get a quest. If you have not already, here's PART 1 for the first quest from the first 15 days set. This post will be for the second quest for the second 15 days set.

The Daily Assignment quests has its own storyline. As you progress through every 15 days, you will get a new quest which will reveal more about what's going on. The storyline quest is all about mysterious Pekrons, what they mean, where they're coming from and more. Apparently it's powerful enough that if the wrong person dealt with it, it would have destroyed half of Wizard City.

After doing the regular Daily Assignment for Day 12, you will get a quest where you will have to speak with Aegon in Ravenwood who will tell you what to do.

Here's the dialogue of the entire quest I received for the second quest. You can expand the videoclips below if you need to read more clearly.

"What does it mean? I don't understand!" No Pekrons here! Other areas have Pekrons, some high concentrations, some low, but I have no idea why!

You... you've been working with me. You were there at Unicorn Park. Are you not completely flabbergasted with this business?

On one hand, it's entirely made up - Pekuliarities are impossible, but on the other hand, we saw it with our own two, er four eyes!

Bah! Stop doubting, Aegon! Stop doubting! We must try to figure out why some areas of the Spiral have higher concentrations than others.

There is another member of our order, a Necromancer named Jordyn Malniz - she's been doing some more... radical experiments with Pekrons.

I recently lost contact with Jordyn, and I fear some trouble may have befallen her. Visit her lab in Marleybone and make sure she's safe."

When I arrived in Knight's Court, I followed the quest arrow until I found Jordyn. Imagine my surprise when I saw her eyes!

"Hmm. A phenomenon. A being enters, or is it a doing? Whatever IT is, it cannot be seeing. That would be impossible. The being must be destroyed."

After this you get to battle her. She, a Death wizard, had only 1200 health and she does cast minions with 750 health. It was incredibly easy for me to defeat her.

"Oh my, it's.. it's gone, isn't it? That substance, that thing, it took complete control...!

Thank the crypt you came along. I am accustomed to experimenting with the dark arts, but that was something else altogether!

Aegon sent you, didn't he? Tell him I got too close. Yes. I did. I should never have... these forces... we are not supposed to even know about them.

Tell Aegon... tell him I'm leaving the Order. He should make no attempt to contact me. You neither. None of this ever happened. I was never here."
Aw, I'm sad that she had to leave the order! D:

"You're back? I mean... you're back! But where is Jordyn? She's leaving the Order? That's impossible! Why would she... she became possessed? Oh dear!

I knew these Pekuliarities were dangerous, but not that dangerous! I will have to think on this. Yes. Indeed.

In the meantime, however, we will continue with your assignments. Keep checking in daily. Until tomorrow then. Yes."

Why was he so shocked to see me return? I found that suspicious. Am I nuts? Or did he really think that I'm not that strong of a wizard? OH THE NERVE! Marleybonians.. 

Oh well, I can't wait for the next quest assignment from the next set!

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