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Top 10 Summer Updates for Wizard101

The Summer updates has arrived in Wizard101's Live Realm with many changes from Test Realm. I thought that it would be nice to mention the top 10 updates if you're late to the scene or want to refresh your memory on what are new in Wizard101.

The Top 10 Updates

1. They have finally let us access the Astral classroom in the Arcanum. The super awesome teacher, the super galactic Qyburn Stellargaze, has new spells for us to train. They are for Level 110 and up only. They also cost a training point each too.

2. There's a brand new Fishing NPC, Ryoshi, in the Jade Palace who gives us new fishing quests and new fishing winnow spells. He offers 2 fishing trainable spells that will winnow away other fishes who are not Rank 1 or Rank 3 fishes for you. If you complete both of his quests, you will receive the Rank 2 Winnow Spell! That's not all, there are also new Doodlefish in the school houses. YAY!

Each school house has its own unique Doodlefish in the form of its teacher.

Fire House - Falmea Doodlefish
Ice House - Lydia Doodlefish
Storm House - Halston Doodlefish
Myth House - Cyrus Doodlefish
Life House - Moolinda Doodlefish
Death House - Dworgyn Doodlefish
Balance House - Alhazred Doodlefish
3. Apparently Loremaster drops three new spells and they're pretty epic! He also drops treasure cards for the three new spells.

Queen Calypso - +20% Next Storm Damage Spell & 445-505 Damage Spell, 4 Pips
Hephaestus - 425-475 Fire Damage Spell & +25% Fire Damage Global, 5 Pips
Athena Battle Sight - 520 Myth Damage Spell & -35% To Next Incoming Damage, 5 Pips

If you're lazy about farming and prefer crafting, Grady in the Wyrd of Avalon does offer recipes for the above three spells. Loremaster is not the only place that drops the treasure cards. The other way you can get the treasure cards or the spells themselves is from the brand new Immortals' Hoard Pack in the Crown Shop.

More information about the recipes at:

4. The tournaments is a lot cheaper for members. You can buy a tournament for gold instead of crowns and there is also a second chance chest there now after every tournament. There are also brand new tournament gear for looks only.

5. The Friend List is now a lot more complicated and cooler! You now can assign icons to your friends, know how many friends you got, how long they haven't been on Wizard101 and much more. Please be aware that you only can see how long you have been friends with someone if they are a NEW friend, not a friend you already had.

6. There's a new quest from Brandon for high level wizards. Thank you Make A Wish Foundation and Wizard101 for allowing this wonderful young gentleman to create this awesome quest and battle. You can even get awesome Dragonborn Helms which are pretty much dragon skulls as gear!

Thanks Wolf for showing us how scary you can be.

Yes, the quest is all about dragons. They even mention titans. If you read the dialogue carefully, they mention a new area too. Is it a clue?!

Also while you're in battle, don't forget to hover over your character name on the bottom and you will see all of the charms and wards that your character has. To start this cool quest, you can find Brandon in Forlorn Taig in Polaris near that campfire where you enter the gate.

7. Critical hits are now not as powerful in PvP. They now can do 1.25 damage which is considerably less than how it is in the live realm's double damage.

8. There's a brand new elixir in the Crown Shop that levels your character from Level 2 to 50. It also includes Level 50 gears, your own mount, Level 48 pet. This also comes with Grizzleheim spells. The only painful part of this is that you will have to pay 30,000 Crowns for it and you must already have a Level 50 Wizard.

More Information About This New Elixir at:

9. The Keeper's Lore Pack, Spiral Cup Gauntlet Bundle, Mystic Fishing Bundle and Polarian Explorer Bundle now has gears up to Level 110.

10. There are three new badges for hatching pets. Apparently there's one for hatching 10, 50, 100 pets.

The first badge for 10 hatches is called Hatching Specialist.
The second badge for 50 hatches is called Hatching Expert.
The third badge for 100 hatches is called Hatching Master.

And many other little helpful tweaks.

So what do you think of the new Summer updates? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

To read the Update Notes for yourself, click here.

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