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What's In The New Gingerbread Pack?!

New Pack From Wizard101

The Gingerbread pack can be found in the Crown Shop for 299 Crowns. We are still gathering information. Stay patient with us.



Crumbles Gingerhorse


1 Day
Pink Candy Cane
Yellow Candy Cane
Blue Candy Cane
Red Candy Cane
Green Candy Cane
Purple Candy Cane
Orange Candy Cane
Mixed Candy-Cane
Wolf of the Winter

7 Day
Wolf of the Winter


Feisty GingerbreadMan

Feisty Gingerbreadman
Salty Gingerbreadman

Pet Snacks

Rank 8
Bedrock Bonbons
Crystal Bites
Chocolate Crickets
Mince Pie

Rank 7
Cry Babies
Hickory Chicory
Gingerbread Wizard
Chocolate Comet
Ninja Figgy Pudding
Chili Peppermint
Crystalweb Candy
Senior Mint
Simple Sugar Pop
Snow Apple Cider

Rank 6
Cheese Cake
Jar of Jellybeans
Candy-Caned Yams
Assaulted Caramels
Sourpuss Stovies

Rank 5
Glowing Taffy
Tuti-Fruiti Cake
Egg Nog
Gummy Humongofrog
Rock and Roll Candy

Rank 4
Glowing Rock Candy
Gummy Bloodbat
Peanutbutter Cup
Rock Candy
Star Lollipop
Nutty Candy Bar
Athame Pop

Rank 3
Gummy Firecat
Candy Bar

Rank 2

Rank 1


Sparkle Globe
Green garland with lights
Tallow Candles
Small Candle
Candle and Holder
Large Snowy Evergreen
Small Snowy Evergreen
Large Snowy Maple Tree
Small Snowy Maple Tree
Large Snowy Pine
Snowy Pine
Small Snowy Pine
Festive Yuletree
Big Holiday Tree
Tree Wrapped Gift
Snowflake Wrapped Gift
Snowman Wrapped Gift
Polka Dot Wrapped Long Gift
Polka Dot Wrapped Gift
Spiral Wrapped Gift
Snow Basin
Snow Pile
Large Snowflake
Small Snowflake
Potted Poinsettia
Dancing Reindeer Rug
Galloping Reindeer Rug
Snowflake Rug
Winter Bed
Holiday Fireplace
Red Holiday Ornament
Green Holiday Ornament
Yellow Holiday Ornament
Blue Holiday Ornament
Holiday Wreath
Large Fir Tree
Medium Fir Tree
Small Fir Tree
Holiday Cranberry Sauce
Cream of Chicken Soup
Yuletide Peppermints

Wallpaper & Flooring

Holiday Striped Wallpaper
Snowbound Yuletide Decor
Yule Presents
Red Candy Canes
Blue Candy Canes
Winterblue Wallpaper
Gingerbread Wall Icing
Krampus Wallpaper

Fresh Power Floor

Housing Characters



Black Coal
Frost Flower


Evil Snow Peas
 Frozen Fly Trap

Treasure Cards

Evil Snowman
Jolted Snowman


Santa Hat
Santa Robe
Santa Boots
The Snow Crown
The Winter Antlers
The Frosted Tips


Mint Staff
Gingerbread Wand
Ornamental Paper Staff
Wand Staff
Nutcracker Wand
Star Staff
Candy Wand
Candle Wand

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