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Ship Showcase - The Ship of Raventhorn

So imagine my surprise when Cody suddenly said he was going to build a ship.. in Wizard101
in the spirit of Pirate101!

Yes he even made the pier. Those lanterns were my idea btw. Hehe! And then poof!

Here I am on the ship. We chatted about the sails. I remarked that he should've used the kimono shirts. He said he thought of it. And we both laughed because honestly? Sails made out of shirts? Too funny. It'd look very strange up there. Notice the pews he used so we can sit around and enjoy the view. We need seatbelts though. I mean I do like to speed around... :P

So love those lanterns and say, what's back there? Let's go check.

Ooh cannons! Good defense there.

Ah yes here we are. That looks interesting. Let's check it out!

Ooh there's stairs downstairs? 

Ahhh bottom floor! All of those wardrobes looks so good in here. I can imagine them to be cubby holes for the crew to sleep in. Awesome! All we need is a pillow, a blanket.. and a mattress :P
Waiiiiit, what's that red transport? Let's go through it.. *poofs*

Whoa, we're up on the very top floor, apparently it's the Captain's Lounge floor. We can look around and enjoy the view... of the Unicorn and the entire ship of course! And yes that's an pvp arena kiosk. Don't ask me, ask him. He's really into PvP. So figures he has a kiosk for it everywhere LOL.

Hope you enjoy the tour of the Raventhorn ship. I hope you build your own ship and show it to all of us. Am curious how yours turned out!

Ship Showcase - The Ship of Raventhorn Ship Showcase - The Ship of Raventhorn Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Saturday, June 15, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. That is truly amazing. VERY creative work. Any plans on him posting a step by step? Wow, what a fantastic way to keep exploiting a glitch that was almost de-bugged but KI held off because they were so impressed with the creativity of the players using it. Very well done. This deserves an award.

    1. Sure! I will ask Cody if he's willing to do that. Thanks for reading!

  2. Ship of Raventhorn looks GREAT; I love the details he put into making the ship out of wizard101 items it probably took him an long time to wake also :)


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