Thursday, June 20, 2013

3-D Building Concept Art: Brandon Stoker And More


I was cruising across the internet and saw this. I was so intrigued by it! I saw 3-D models of the Pirate101 logo and the Storm Lord, so I visited the site. WOW!

3-D Model of the Pirate101 Logo. WOOT WOOT!

I'm so scared. He looks angry.

Ooh dragons! They rawk! RAWRRRR!

Final look of the Wizard101 logo. Looks amazing!

3-D Wizard101 Logo. So that's how it begins? Awesome!

Does this look familiar? This looks like the machine that destroys islands in Valencia.

Aquila robes?

Normally I would post just a couple picture and refer you to his site to see the rest of them. However, there was a few pictures there that were inappropriate for children. I was not comfortable with sending kids to a site that showed inappropriate pictures. So I posted what was game relatable and important for those who are too young to visit that site. Again, please be warned, I am not responsible if you see something there that makes you uncomfortable.

If you are an adult, you can view more of his pictures at:


I saw this picture of the Water Mole Ships from Loren Ashleigh.

I realized.. HEYYYY I want a Water Mole Ship :O!
That's my new dream now. MHM!


Then I just couldn't stop googling. I kept seeing wonderful pictures. Then I found Jacob Williams' site.
Here are a few samples of his work.

All credit goes to:
Please do visit his site because here's a LOT more pictures at his site.
He creates really beautiful work!


Also this guy designs a lot of our clothes in Wizard101. I am stunned. He did all of that? WOW.

Like I said, dragons FTW!

There's TONS more pictures at:!wizard101/c14hj


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