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Blaugust Day 20: What Story Would You Like To See In-Game

I had a crazy thought the other day about stories and what kind of stories I would love to see in game. Are there any story plot you would like to expand or add to the stories we know of in Pirate101 and/or Wizard101 that would be a great story? If you don't play Pirate101 and/or Wizard101, that's alright. Let us know of a story that you would still like to see in a game.

For example:

"Who Would Steal A Horse Stick Mount?"

Someone stole Donkey Hotay's horse stick mount. It's up to us to find it and return it before Donkey Hotay finds something else to ride like a Monsquistan or a vicious spider really. The Monsquistans are hopping mad, so it's pretty urgent. Tiny angry monkeys aren't to mess with really. Gortez is besides himself. He would like to find the thief, alas he cannot since he is the King and has to remain home. But he wants you to find the mount and the thief. There is an empty cell in Zenda waiting for him, her or... it.

"The Case of the Missing Mother Ship"

Sherlock Bones alerts us to a case that needs our help right away! The tiny aliens in the tiny UFOs that we find all over in Azteca immediately needs your help. Apparently they can't find the Mother Ship, so we get to magically shrink ourselves and ride with them in their tiny ships to explore the world of Azteca and other new places to find the Mother Ship. How can a giant ship go missing? Something's not kosher here. 

Are there any others that you wish were part of the story in Pirate101 or Wizard101? Comment away with your stories!

Come and join the Blaugust Challenge! Check out their official guidelines at:

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