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Blaugust Day 3: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgust Pirates!

So Pirates, it's August, my hearties. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr you excited? I sure am because that means that it's time to open the treasure chest of surprises! 

Last year, we were surprised with a Pirate101 contest - Design An Eyepatch. We had a blast doing that. So many great artists submitted amazing work.

We also had Shark Week which unfortunately we definitely will not have this month. But we also were surprised with awesome Aquila furniture that was introduced in the Crown Shop. I know for a fact that Paige Moonshade was squealing with excitement last year. And as always, the official Pirate101 fansites gave away prizes to celebrate this wonderful event! 

For this year,  Arrrgust will start off with a bang. It starts with official Pirate101 fansites' giveaways and contests. Pirate101 was very kind to send all of the official Pirate101 fansites a small pile of Solar Saber cat mounts and 10k Crowns codes. Thanks Leala and Tom!

I already put up a raffle below for one of the prizes, but rest assured, other contests will be coming very shortly. I just got to figure out how to keep you pirates properly entertained. You lot are a very distracted bunch. I blame it on the yum. But do keep your eye on the official contest page at: http://www.starsofthespiral.com/p101-contests

So what else will we expect this month? I don't know. But I know one thing - it's gonna be fun! 

Come and join the Blaugust Challenge! Check out their official guidelines at:

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