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Blaugust Day 11 - Pirate101's New Hybrid & Egg Information

So a friend on Twitter asked me if Decius Duelmaster has released any hints. I replied that I didn't know. But I thought it was time for me to check the boards and see if I have missed anything new. Apparently I have not missed any hybrid hints fortunately. But, I saw a few quite interesting tidbits about hybrids and about that mystery that has been having a few pirates overwhelmed by an sudden overabundance of eggs.

First, let's discuss about the interesting tidbits I have found out about new Hybrids.

Say what? I only heard of ONE hybrid being found in Test Realm that was up last week before it was brought to the live realm a few days later. And that was the Grouper. So what are we missing?!

A New Hybrid

If you did not know already, Groupers are produced from Reddrum which is a Pet Wrangling pet drop and any pet.

Found From Pet Wrangling

As I read on, I found something quite intriguing. Pet Morphing 301, 302 and 305?

 This makes me think about the hints we have received from the update notes. "Swimming, feathered and purring pets."

So I bet some of those hybrids are quite difficult, especially that purring one. We have to figure out what are Pet Morphing 301, 302 and 305's hybrid system in order to find those probably very rare hybrids!

Now about that sudden overabundance of eggs...

Now it makes sense. I was so confused since the other day, my Buccaneer received I think 8 or so eggs and my other pirates got none. I thought that maybe for the day, my Buccaneer just got incredibly lucky. Guess not!

Come and join the Blaugust Challenge! Check out their official guidelines at:

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