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Blaugust Day 12: The Act of Valor

One of the questions that a lot of wizards wonder - What is the Rarest Weapon in-game? It's a simple weapon that even newcomers can equip - The Valor. But its purpose is not so simple. It was given to all Wizard101 customers who were playing at the time for Veteran's Day in November 2009. Every Wizard101 customer who had their email registered by November 11th, 2009 was able to get a personal code via email. The reason Wizard101 gave out the Valor weapon was to honor Veterans who have served in wars for our country. They are the true heroes.

Many people ask, how do I get it again? Will I get it again? The answer is no. It was a one time promotion for Veterans Day 2009. Maybe someday Wizard101 will do it again. Only time will tell. But for now, for those customers who were around in November 2009 were lucky enough to get the.... Rarest Weapon In-Game - The Valor.

You know, both of my grandfathers have been in wars. Both of my grandfathers were in World War II I believe. My grandfather on my mother side I believe was stationed on some island, I cannot recall which island. My mother would say that it changed her father, that it made him more scared after the war, to do things, even travel out of state.

My grandfather on my father's side, who I call Grandpa P, was in the army. One day, he walked over a land mine, which blew up and made him permanently blind. Even though my Grandpa P became blind, he still found someone to marry and have children with as well as hold a job. It did not stop him from living a full life. I personally never met him because he passed away many years before I was born. But the courage to go on, even though you have lost your vision is amazing. Losing something that you already know must have been difficult. But his sacrifice was not in vain.

Because of their courage to fight, they have stopped cruelty and oppression that even Anne Frank fell victim to. From this, we learned a big lesson. If we all work together, we can ensure that this will not happen again.

But the soldiers' survival, even after the war, is also a great act of valor. Sometimes people forget that the real battle starts after the war, the memories, the scars and the wounds they have to carry their entire life afterwards. The little things we do to honor them, like what Wizard101 has done with the Valor weapon, is wonderful. Even though Grandpa P has long passed over, and my other grandpa not being internet savvy at all, it's still nice to know that people have not forgotten, even in the internet community. There are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of heroes in this country, both passed over and living. They have fought for us to ensure that we remain free. For that, I thank them deeply. I hope that this reminds you to support the local veterans in your community. I know I won't forget.

God bless all of them for the sacrifices they have made to ensure our country's freedom. And God bless those, like Anne Frank, who did not make it.

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