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Blaugust Day 14: Wizard101's Kirin Hoard Pack Is Being Retired

The Kirin's Hoard will be leaving the Crown Shop after Midnight of August 23rd. If you are wanting a certain pet, mount and/or furniture from this pack, it's time to buy! Especially when it's 50% off.

Yes, it's only 199 Crowns per Pack!

This pack is Asian or Mooshu inspired, it depends on how you look at it. But there are items in here that are clearly that kind of theme especially when you see the Kirin mounts and the Foo Dog pets. The furniture in this pack are definitely very Mooshu-ish. The furniture are what you could buy or get as a drop in that world.

So, with this news of the pack being retired, I decided to challenge myself with opening 5 Kirin's Hoard packs and see what I get! Let's see how it goes.

Pack #1

TACOS!!!!!!!!! So yummy. I mean, like really who cannot resist Tacos? Not to mention that fine boots that I got.

Pack #2

So many pets, so little time. The Stone Colossus is particularly a neat pet. Not to mention the gems. A girl cannot get enough gems for real.

Pack #3

Ooh I got a Chiming Blade. A perfect weapon to threaten my enemies with! And that apple looks so crunchy sweet!

Pack #4

Once again, I got another boots. But ew, I got another spider pet?! There must be a spider nest in this pack. I need a shower now... PRONTO!

Pack #5

Whale then... I guess the pack thinks that I don't have enough tables. Let's now table this discussion, hehe! Beat that, Pun King. No, really, he could. I stink at this.

The Conclusion

So, it seems like my luck was on vacation today. If it was not, I would have gotten a neat Kirin mount which is the star item of this pack. There are three Kirin mounts in this pack - Gold, Silver and Blue. My favorite is the gold because well... it's GOLD! Not only that, there are six super cute Foo Dog pets each one a different color which is another star item in this pack. But I sure hope that you guys have had better luck.

If you ever want to look up a guide on what the Kirin Pack gives, check it out at: 
If you can help me complete the gear guide for Level 100, just comment away on this blog post with pictures of gear stats that I am missing and I will credit you.

Come and join the Blaugust Challenge! Check out their official guidelines at:

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