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Blaugust Day 16: Halfway Through Blaugust With 700th Post

So today I am officially halfway through Blaugust. And amazingly, it's also my 700th post today. So I thought I should talk about that today. Something different for a change.

My Experience Thus Far

To be honest, it's pretty tough coming up with subjects to write every day. But I have learned to wait and see what the day brings first, then write about it. It's a lot easier than sitting in your chair wondering what else you have not written about. Writers' block seems to come to me that way often. Even with ideas already written down.

On the weekends, it's usually quiet in the game world, which are the hardest times for me. Games don't really release much news on weekends. I know Wizard101 and Pirate101 doesn't at least. Those are the times when I have to dig deep to find something to write about. But, I do find it a success that I have now written my 700th blog post as well as finishing halfway through Blaugust. I cannot believe I have written SIXTEEN posts, one for each day in a ROW!

Doubt Is The Silent Confidence Killer

I noticed something about myself thus far. I keep thinking that I need to make sure the reader likes the post. I try to read it with their eyes and hope for the best. But I noticed that it's an added stress that I should not give myself. You see, I will start doubting myself and keep saying, "Is this enough? Should I write more? Make it sound better?" I have learned that I need to have more faith in myself and that what I am writing is good enough. It doesn't mean that I do not want to please my readers. But it does mean that I need to have more faith in myself. That I need to chill out and breathe in and out, then write what feels right to me.

Am I Any Good? TELL ME!

Unfortunately, we all want validation at some point to ease our minds that what we are doing is working. That we have reached at least one person. Some aim for more than one person. It's a natural instinct to want to fit in and to want pats on the back just so we can feel good about ourselves. But we have to remember sometimes that at some point, that's not important. It's a nice sentiment, but not as important as we think it is. It's hard reminding ourselves of that of course.

But, you know what's the most important thing? You expressing your true self. Expressing your true thoughts. If you do get accolades for it, god bless you. That's how I've operated thus far. I try to write stuff that I would like to read about. Things that others have not written about. I am not perfect. But I'm always trying to improve and expand my horizons while writing. I learn from other bloggers and writers. I practice my writing because hey, I will be honest. I am not the best writer. As long as I remain open to improvement, I think I will do well. That's what fuels my confidence. That's why I feel like I am a success.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

People ask me all of the time, why is my blog, youtube channel, twitch, website not receiving enough attention? People have to understand that it's not an easy thing. You think that you set it up, you fill in content, then you will see the subs, likes, comments, etc roll in. No, it is not that easy.

You see, what works for the most popular blogger, vloggers, twitchers, youtubers, etc etc is... They have their own particular skill. It might be the gift of gab. The gift of comedy. The gift of personality. The gift of writing.

If something fails for you, you simply need to find another way to express yourself. Study other people's successes, learn what works for them and what you could do differently. People also forget that sometimes you can't sit and wait for people to come to you. You have to go to them. You need to post your content information everywhere in your own community. After all, if people don't know about you, how can they find you?

Success Means Different Things For Each Person

But the thing is, if you reach one person, in my book you have succeeded. Sometimes numbers do not even matter. It's up to you to decide if that matters. Don't let people tell you otherwise. Everyone has their own levels of goals they want to make. Or their own ideas of what success means. But personally, there's two reasons that people want a platform to speak out from - one: to gain popularity or two: to express yourself. If you're lucky, you can be successful at both. But I personally feel that even if you succeed at one option, you are a success. But hey, that's me!

Hard Work & Innovation Equals Success

Also don't forget, hard work means doing it often, keep pushing it for months, even years. That's how you make success. Success does not ever come easy. It doesn't arrive on your doorstep and go "TADA! I am here!" while you were sleeping in. So if something is not working for you, you have to find a new way or just keep doing what you want, it's up to you. But one of the keys is innovation. You have to roll with the punches and flow with what's happening at the moment. You have to be able to change with what's new and happening today. It will keep your content fresh.

That's what I try to do every time I write. I don't give up a month in, six months in, I keep going and going. When writing new posts, it's better to try to write out of the box posts than inside the box posts. People love the unexpected and interesting. Something they have not read before. I also remind myself that if I can, I will and can improve. You have to be able to accept criticism and help it make you better. Don't fear it and at the same time, do not take it personally. Sometimes you have to develop a thicker skin. It does not mean you should ignore them. You should think about what they have said and decide for yourself if it's something you can truly improve on. Then do it. Turn the criticism and negativity into a challenge for you. Try to put a positive spin on it and prove them wrong. Let them make you a stronger person. Believe me, you will be happier in the end. I know I am.

Never Fear To Ask And Share

Don't forget to ask people in your community for advice on whatever you are working on. Make friends within your community and say, hey dude, share my stuff? What do ya think? Anything you could suggest to improve it? I'm no social butterfly in real life, but on the internet I am. If I have to or want to, I will spread the word as well as make friends, ask for advice and ask them to share my content. Don't be afraid to do the same.

Five Tips From Me:

*Find new topics that have not been talked about.
*Find your audience, even if you have to chase them down.
*If your work is sloppy, expect no one to visit.
*Find your niche, the thing that makes you shine.
*Don't give up!

If you guys have additional tips in addition to mine or even suggestions on how to improve my blog, leave a comment. Even I am always open to improvement. No one is perfect! Hopefully your tips and suggestions will help others as well. As always, thanks for reading!

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