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Blaugust Day 19: Postal Carriers & Mailboxes

This is going to be a bit of the out out out out of the box type of post. And it's not even game related. But bear with me, this post actually has a great message, and a tip, for you all. When realizing I need to get the mail, I thought about the mailbox we currently have. Then I remember a remark that my mother made the other day about those "poor postal carriers who have to walk up and down the stairs every day."

You see, my mother used to work as a post office postal carrier so she knows what it's really like. When we were renovating the house, I installed new floor paneling and railing for the patio. Then my mother mentioned that we should remove the letter holder box that was on our wall. You can see it by the darker color on the wall which marked where it used to be.

She said that "believe me, if you remove that thing on the wall and install a mailbox next to the stairs, your postal carrier will thank you for it!" She said that it's incredibly tough on the carriers who would walk up and down the stairs of each house they have to deliver mail to. As she said that, I looked around at the houses around me and I realized that she was right. A lot of houses' mailboxes are on the wall of the houses, usually only accessible by using the stairs.

When my mother posted a picture of the new renovations including the mailbox on her facebook wall, I saw an interesting comment. A friend of hers who is a postal carrier and actually delivers the mail to our house actually left a comment saying "Thank you for the mailbox!"

Maybe you can, maybe you can't. But if you can, maybe you could do the same for your postal carrier. This mailbox only cost me I believe $70 and with accessories I need to buy made it $100 in total. I bought a special post screw that did not require me to buy concrete or mix it. Then the 6x6 wood post. But, it honestly is priceless to those postal carriers since it makes it easier for them to deliver their mail. One less stairs makes their day easier. One simple thing can change everything. So, be considerate to your local postal carrier today.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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