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Blaugust Day 23: Help, My Motivation Is Missing!

I was thinking about goals that I wanted to accomplish in games I have played and I noticed a pattern in myself. Let me show you what I mean.

1. Wizard101

I should really finish my other nine characters and max them out. For some reason, I keep delaying it. I'm not sure why. It's incredibly hard finding my motivation to do so. But hey, at least I got one max level character!

2. Pirate101

I want to finish my two male pirates in Pirate101. For some reason, I keep not having enough time in the day to really commit to this. My boys are now in Aquila, they're practically 50 feet from the finish line. I could finish them in a week. But I feel like they can wait. At least I got 5 max level chars.

3. WildStar

I'm currently playing in the beta stage. So far, it's quite interesting. But I only played for ten minutes. The only compliant I got is the way the keys are placed. It's not comfortable playing it. But I feel like I will get the hang of it. My goal is to see it to the end if possible. I just gotta remind myself to play it.

4. Guild Wars 2

I got up to I think level 15 or something. I really should go back and keep going. The only thing that's stopping me is time and downloading it. I hate downloading games that makes me wait for a hour or two before even playing it. So this can wait until I'm in the mood to download it.


It has been years since I've played this. I really should get back into it and keep playing. Eh, when I got the time.

6. WoW

Same thing as LOTRO. Although I need to buy a subscription. Right now, I can't afford to. But someday when I can, I'd like to play it some more. I still have not decided if this game is essential as breathing yet. You know what I mean. There will be games that makes you feel like they're just as important as breathing. Until then, this game can wait.

So Where's My Motivation?

One thing I kept thinking as I typed all of those goals for each game is that I need motivation to play each game. Because to be brutally honest, I keep making excuses not to. That's the honest truth.

So, what do you do to find motivation? I need to find my excitement to make me want to jump in feet first. But what do you do if it's missing? Do you push yourself? Do you accept it? Is this normal? Is it not? I have so many questions and no answers. If you can provide some, let me know.

I am wondering if I'm the kind of person who needs to be challenged and to be excited to want to play something. I'm trying to remember how I felt when I discovered a new game to play. Feels like it has been a hundred years ago. Have I changed as a person? Am I simply bored? Because I keep finding myself going, "Yea but I want new content." I feel like I need goals that challenge me. New goals. Not the typical ones like finish your chars, blah blah.

Also is it because it's too lonely to play on your own in a game? Like who do I talk to? Who do I play with? But really do I even care about this issue? I don't find myself wanting company in a game. Yet in other games than Pirate101 and Wizard101, I go "so who do I ask if I need help?" It's quite interesting to think about.

Not only that, making multiple characters in a single game can get tedious. Most of the time the quests are pretty much the same, so you're just repeating it. I know this is true for Wizard101 and Pirate101. I'm not sure about others since I haven't tried it. I used to love doing this, but one day it just became a thing you do, not the thing you want to do.

The sad thing is there's one game that I do keep playing, Farmville 2 Country Escape. Yep, a mobile game. The reason why? They keep bringing out events that challenges us to compete and win. And they bring out events pretty often, almost one after the another. If they offer great prizes, I'll do it. If they don't, I won't. Most of the time they do. Their events make me feel like I NEED to play, so I do. So is it really me or is it the games? It's so confusing!

Am I the only one? Am I crazy? I feel like I need to get away, sit on a mountain and mediate to find my inner gaming muse. This way, I can come back all refreshed, feeling fierce and ready to conquer all and any game I come across. ...Yea I'm probably crazy lol.

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