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Blaugust Day 25: Farmville 2 Country Escape Event News

Well, I decided to talk about a mobile game that I play often. You see, I just finished Farmville 2 Country Escape's 2nd Annual Green Thumbs Game Event. I just won a Gardening Bengal Cat prize in one of its events. Let me explain more for those who have not played this game before.

They tend to give events pretty often where you can win prizes for your farm. It could be pins to help boost things or helpers that can help around the farm. You can even win tickets to buy helpers, special ingredients to use in crafting/cooking and golden gloves to decrease crafting/cooking time.

In this event, there's two phases, which makes it great for those who are budgeted on time. If you're too busy for one phase, you can do the another one. Anyway, I was aiming to try to get the Gardening Bengal Cat which would be an extra permanent helper for me around the farm. It can help me forage, farm, fish, mine, etc for special ingredients to craft stuff.

Even in Stage 1, I'm working hard to stay in the top 5 because I need a gold medal to win a Bengal Cat.

First is Gold which is Rank 1-5, second is Silver which is Rank 6-10 then Bronze which is Rank 11-15. Depending where you are on the ladder, you win the prize that's allotted for each medal. I want the Bengal Cat, so that means that I have to stay in the very top 5 placements. Whew, I got my job cut out for me.

So how do I gain ranks? Simple, craft or cook stuff! Each item gives special Green Thumb points. Some give low points and some give high points, but are harder to make. With boosts, I can easily make tons of points. But the 100% boost costs 10 keys which is cheap while the 50% costs 300k gold, again cheap. The thing though is that it's easy to run out of keys and it costs real life money, so you got to be smart how to play the game.

When the first stage completed, I was able to get myself a cute Bengal Cat. But did that stop me? No, I worked just as hard in the second phase, earning me a Gardening Bengal Cat which is an upgrade. WOOT! 

Welcome to my farm, little pet!

Dogs have their own playground like the Cats do. It's where they take a rest and sleep or play or whatever they wanna do. Now we have a new buddy to join the kitties that I already have acquired. BOOYA!

The New Lighthouse Expansion

But there was also a new expansion over the weekend - Ancient Mariner's Lighthouse. It is currently locked only to those who want to pay to open it early for 400 keys. Zygna did not do a good job of explaining this to be honest. I couldn't find anywhere on their blog explaining when it's free for everyone. I checked their twitter and they said "a few weeks." They're too shady and vague about this update that everyone has been begging for a year or more for. Plus 400 keys? That's like $20 in American Dollars. I find that a bit much imo. They did not even talk about this new expansion in their blog which is another mistake as well. This makes me feel like they are afraid to even tell people that "yes you have to pay 400 keys to open it early." Like they don't want to be overwhelmed with negative comments.

The site looks leery. I mean, adweek.com? That sounds like a site that is full of advertisements. Yet Zygna tells its followers to go and read the article. Whey can't they make their own blog post about it and point people there? I simply find it all very very strange.

New Event Coming Soon!

But anyway, there's a new event coming soon. I can't wait! I better start stocking on sugar, butter and milk. I just hope that there are good rewards in this event, otherwise I'm not doing this event. Fingers crossed!

Come and join the Blaugust Challenge! Check out their official guidelines at:

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