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Blaugust Day 26: The Six Stages of Grief After Your Favorite In-Game Character Dies

In certain games, there are characters that you can't help, but love. In Wizard101, for me, it was Dyvim Whitehart who was this super super adorable mouse who would tag along with us on our quests in the world of Khrysalis. In one epic battle in Moon Cliffs, poor Dyvim got stung as he got thrown through the glass window by the evil Brood Mother.

"DIE, Ratling!" says the evil Brood Mother.

"The Brood Mother stung me - I can feel the poison burning through my veins. Go through the Honeycomb Gate to the Lost Wood."

As he laid there dying, he wanted us to continue the fight. But Dyvim Whitehart was our buddy. He was our constant companion through Khrysalis and helped us in battles. It brought tears to my eye as he laid there on the ground slowly dying from poison and there was nothing we could do to help him. I hated feeling so helpless. But we eventually did what he wanted us to do.

But looking back, I still remember it. The feels when I look back still lingers, so I decided to list the six stages of grief as you lose your favorite in-game character.

The Six Stages of Grief

1. Shock

"What? Wait.. What just happened? OMG!"

2. Anger

"What the heck? NO WAY! This is stupid. WHY DYVIM?!"

3. Sadness

"But he was so sweet! So helpful! He was like.. my best buddy!"

4. Ranting On Social Media

"NO, NOT DYVIM! GUYS, GUYSSSSSSSS... DYVIM DIED!!! The cute mouse got killed!"

5. The Comfort Food Stage

"I need Ice Cream to fill in the gaping hole of my heart where Dyvim was!"

6. When You Snap Out Of It

"Oh wait, this is just a game. Dyvim is not real... Right? Hope I didn't sound nutty. Is this normal?"

Luckily, for Dyvim, there's still a happy ending with a cool Star Wars reference! If you want to find out, go and play Wizard101. Next time, if you come across a scene like I did with Dyvim, be prepared to go through the six stages of grief. Even though they are made from pixels, they still capture a piece of your heart just like any real living person. Amazing isn't it?

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