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Blaugust Day 27: Retired Wizard101 Bundle Houses Available Only For Today!

Yep, you heard it. Today Only - Retired Bundle Houses from Wizard101 is back in Crown Shop. It's Throwback Thursday after all. Each costs 8750 crowns and they are purchasable only for crowns. Luckily, there's also a crown sale going on which means you can buy 60k crowns for $60. That's like a dollar per thousand crowns. BOOYA!

They all come with a PvP Arena which was one of the best features of bundle houses. They're great for PvP Parties!

Massive Fantasy Palace - This house was actually the very first Bundle House to be released from Wizard101. Man, the memories! I remember getting it and being so excited because it was a cool item to have. It's a huge Wizard City style castle with hidden rooms and it even has a moat!

Sultan's Palace - This house is the very second Bundle House to be released from Wizard101. It has a nifty feature - the Genie's Lamp never introduced before in game. You could "rub" it and the genie who pops out would give you rewards like reagents, treasure cards, and more. People would say that this house belongs in the Mirage world that we have not seen yet. Based on the house design, I bet the world of Mirage would be awesome.

The Sun Palace - It's a cool Zafarian house complete with a gorilla in the basement who gives you sweet rewards. That was my favorite part because come on, a gorilla?! This house has so much space inside the house complete with cool sliding doors that you can activate.

The Pyramid of the Lost Horizon - A perfect Aztecan house where you can place your dinosaur mounts and pets. It has cool lava rivers and awesome hidden areas. I love using this house for hide and seek games. Too many places you can hide which is super awesome!

Winter Wind Tower - This house is the Avalon house in the Winter season. I actually use this house as a Christmas house. There's a cool tapestry inside the house that if you press the X at the right time, which will take you to three different spots in the house. One of them is the basement complete with jail cells. Yep jail cells. But they're full with junk. I guess even storage junk needs to be locked up.

But you better hurry, they're only available to buy TODAY. Yep, tomorrow they will be gone.

Come and join the Blaugust Challenge! Check out their official guidelines at:

Blaugust Day 27: Retired Wizard101 Bundle Houses Available Only For Today! Blaugust Day 27: Retired Wizard101 Bundle Houses Available Only For Today! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Thursday, August 27, 2015 Rating: 5

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