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Blaugust Day 30: Pirate101 and Wizard101 Goals If You're Bored

I know that I'm not the only one that gets bored in game sometimes, so goals are quite helpful for people like us. I decided that I should list some. Maybe they'll help you to get a good start on tackling some things you could do in the game. I know that I completed some of the goals below while others I'm still working on.

For instance, I already have the One in a Million badge in Wizard101, but not Elixir Vitae. Although I really wanna work on getting that badge. I also got the Nefarious 5 badge in Pirate101. I'm so close to level 20 in gardening for Wizard101, like one more level away. But I did create a 700 Heck Kitty in Pirate101. But I really want to try to get that badge you get when you complete the Moo Manchu tower 100 times. Man, I'm falling extremely short on that goal. I'm probably halfway at this point.

But I won't give up. I will keep going and try my best to do all of the goals below. I hope you do too!

Wizard101 Goals

Earn the One In A Million damage badge

Earn the Elixir Vitae healing badge

Earn the Team Up badges

Collect All Wizard101 Tapestries

Reach Level 20 in Gardening

Reach at least Level 10 in Fishing

Become a Warlord for the Third Age PvP

Get the very rare big cat Mounts from the One Shot Gauntlets

Get the awesome gear from the One Shot Duels

Get the jewels you need for your gear

Craft a school specific mount

Finish the storyline quest

Pirate101 Goals

Create a Pet with a 700 Pedigree

Get the Captain's Quarters from the Black Market

Get the Nefarious 5 Badge (and the cool glowing red eyes) from Moo Manchu

Complete Moo Manchu Tower 100 Times for the Badge

Discover a new Pirate101 Hybrid

Create a great PvP and/or PvE pet

Become the top contender in the Brawlin' Hall

Get the fantastic Wizard City furniture from the Nautical Regatta

Finish the storyline quest

Max all of your companions, yes I said ALL of them.

If you got any other goals that should be added, let us know. Otherwise, good luck!

Come and join the Blaugust Challenge! Check out their official guidelines at:

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