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Blaugust Day 7: Crafting Me Some Pet Jewels in Wizard101

I had a sudden thought. I did not craft a Pet Jewel yet! So I wanted to go on an adventure and see what I could get for my very first ever crafted Pet Jewel. First, I visited the Pet Shoppe Boys in Pet Pavilion to buy my Pet Jewel of Fire recipe. It only cost a thousand gold to buy the recipe. SWEEEEEEEEEET!

Then, I checked my reagents and luckily I was able to get enough Steel. Thank you Mega Reagent Packs. Then off I went to Wysteria and visited the Pet Shop there where I bought my Flaming Pineapple snacks. Now my adventure can really start.

Got all of the reagents ready. Time to craft this quite fiery jewel. Hope it will give me a good jewel.

Hmm, Fire Assailant Ruby? I had to double check on that one. There are too many terms for me to remember which is a lot already.

Ooh Fire Critical? Well that was not bad. I wanted damage though. But I got an Ultra jewel which apparently is hard to get.

My Fire Damage Pet

This pet I'm considering putting it on. Notice that the star socket is empty. I've been waiting for the right kind of jewel to put there to make this pet an even bigger beast. Honestly I would loved a Fire or Universal Damage pet jewel or an Universal Resist pet jewel. But for now, it will do. I strongly believe that Damage and Resist are more reliable. Critical and Block are so random that you can't really totally rely on them. Many bosses and mobs in the spiral have Block, so it's always a guessing game if your Critical hit will get through. This is why I like Damage and Resist. They will go through every time. But hey, I'll take what I get because it's better than nothing.

Guess I have to go on another adventure. But this time to train my kitty pet to go to Ultra where I can socket the new Fire Assailant jewel. I sure hope that my pile of pet snacks last. The stock is getting quite low! Time to visit my many many gardens filled with Evil Magma Peas for them snacks.

Hope you had similar good luck I had today.

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