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Blaugust Day 5: New Pets in Pirate101

Pirate101 Test Is Now Live, YASSSSSSS!

Last night, in the wee hours of the morning, Pirate101 Test swung like Tarzan into the Live game. This means Ranked PvP, Pirate Ship Regatta and new Pets!

New Pets in Crown Shop

You know how much I love Pets, so imagine my surprise when I saw two new pets in the Crown Shop!

Available for 5k Crowns

Available for 6500 Crowns

New Pets in Pirate Regatta

Then I found out that the new Pirate Regatta drops new pets! While doing the Pirate Regatta, I noticed something interesting. Each boss battle has a mob that drops itself as a pet. There's a boss battle that happens after every wave where you have to board and fight hand to hand combat.

This was dropped during the first boss battle and it's actually what made me notice about the mobs dropping itself as a pet. I noticed that they had Bull Pup mob, then I got it as a pet. That's when I realized that I saw a pattern with other boss battles in the Regatta.

The second boss battle had Mutt Squawker which is also dropped. It's confirmed since a friend, Frostcaller, got it as a pet drop.

The third boss battle had Shellfish Crawlie which is also dropped. It's confirmed since someone got it as a drop.

This is also confirmed. This was dropped during the fourth boss battle. Again, notice that there's Sand Shark mob and then the Sand Shark pet? This is no coincidence. And no I did not name this shark Sir Sneaker. I mean sharks don't even wear Sneakers...

And lastly, this Seafoam Spectre pet is dropped in the final boss battle. Again, the similarity continues. My only question about those Regatta pets is do they also create hybrids?! I sure hope so.

New Pet From Companion Tasks

Not only that, Reddrum is a brand new pet you can get from Companion Tasks. Also, Redrum can produce the Grouper hybrid when mixed with any pet. SWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

New PvP Pets

The Apex Shark pets are sold by the PvP Pet Vendor, Honest Thomas Purdue, in Brawlin' Hall. Thanks Tom! Each color is a different class. I am a Swashbuckler, so I bought the purpule one. They apparently have great pvp talents, so I will train mine up and hope it shows something good!

Come and join the Blaugust Challenge! Check out their official guidelines at:

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