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Fingerspelling Wizard101 and Pirate101

I'm deaf, so I thought.. Heyyyyyy, I'm sure some of you would like to learn how
to finger spell the letters of Wizard101 and Pirate101.

So here are pictures of how to finger spell the letters.

Do all signs that faces outwards (palm out) from you, not towards you.
You should be seeing the back of your hand.

W as in WIN!
I - just hold up a pinky like the Dr. Evil in Austin Powers, but no don't put it on your lips
Z - pretend your finger is a sword and you're Zorro! Move your finger as if you are making a Z like Zorro!
A - Make a fist, but don't tuck in your thumb - make believe you are about to press a button
that sets off Dynamite!
R - Cross your fingers like you're hoping for anything - Don't jinx it please
D - make a O then just put your first finger up
101 is pretty easy - Just hold your first finger up like you're trying to make a point or make a O

P -  put your thumb on the main first joint on your second finger,
the joint that's one up from your knuckles (ignore the picture's finger location)
I - Be Dr. Evil!
R - Nooooo don't jinx it
A - Make that thumb hug your fist!
T - Hey I got your nose!
E - Hey I'm just checking my nails... the tips of your fingers must touch the side of your thumb.
101 is pretty easy - First finger up or make a O
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