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Kelsey's Halloween Ideas For Wizard101


The Skeleton Cove

There will be a 8 feet high black iron fence covered in heavy spider webs circling the entire property. When you touch a stone pedestal, the gate will open emitting a creaky sound. The huge gate will have a skull crossbones symbol on it that will cackle menacingly lighting up its eyes at you when you hover way too close to it.

The house itself would be built with pearly white bones and laid on top of a purple goo pond that will have a few streams that runs through the fence and off the island that the entire property is sitting on. The outside grounds would be completely dirt with a few grass tuffs with a bit of ground moss in spots. The fog will be rolling at your feet everywhere you go which will give off that eerie feeling.

Then as you approach the house on broken stone steps that is partially covered with ground moss, you will notice skull and crossbones windows with an eerie candle glow and an occasional shadow that seems to walk pass the windows inside. As you walk up to the grey stone stairs with green moss in-between its cracks and not so sturdy railing, you will see that the house has a wrap around porch which is pretty handy.

Once you are inside, the walls will be again of course bone filled with skulls as the molding. That way if you change the wallpaper, you still will have the skull molding.
There will be a huge staircase in the middle with skulls on the the end of the railings
with huge flaming candles with dripping wax inside the middle of the skulls. And yes the railing themselves will be bones as well. But you will notice that the wooden stairs will be broken and splintered in some places. Purple goo will roll and threaten to stick your shoes to the floors along the wooden broken floor in certain places. There must be a hole somewhere that is leaking the goo into the house. Oh well.

This house will have 4 large rooms on the first floor, 3 large rooms on top, but there will be a door on the second floor that will lead up to a spiral staircase up to the attic where you can set up your laboratory or anything diabolical. It will have porthole windows on all of the walls. There can be a small deck out so you can survey your evil kingdom.


Pumpkin Carriage - A Pumpkin Carriage Mount covered with pumpkin vines on the bottom that will become its wheels. It will be pulled by black horses with red eyes. The seats will be pumpkin seeds.

Wolf Beast - Huge Black Wolf with red eyes and white foam in its mouth. You will ride it not sitting up, but your body will be low near its neck like the way you fly on a Phoenix Mount.

Mr. Beany - Huge green Giant with eerie yellow eyes and cropped hair whose hairy shoulder you can ride on. He will be in a dirty white shirt and blue overalls. Runs on barefoot and has a few warts. But he's an obedient friend. You can tell him where to go and he will take you there. Could be two seater, after all he does have two shoulders.


Wolf Beast - Huge Black Wolf with red eyes and foam at its mouth. It will growl then shake itself like it's wet and stretch then stand up and look around. Could also have fiery fur with the same flickering flame effect as the Phoenix.

Fiery Wolf Beast - Huge Fiery Wolf with orange eyes. It will growl then shake itself like it's wet and stretch then stand up and look around. Its fiery fur will have the same flickering flame effect as the Phoenix.

Witchcat - A black slinky cat with glowing green eyes and wickedly sharp claws. At idle, it will circle around, sit down then groom its paws or itself. Can have two idle actions: groom paw or itself.

Bone - A Bone pet wth eyes. That'll be hilarious. It will dig itself a hole to bury itself in when it is at idle.
(Make sure your Wolfhound pet doesn't see this one!)

Gooey "It" - It's just a pile of Purple (Gooey Girl) or Green (Gooey Boy) Goo that has eyes. It will constantly rise up then open its eyes, look around, belch which sends up bubbles then goes back to a liquid form. BOO!

Mr. Pumpkin Seed - A Pumpkin Seed with a bit stringy of pumpkin still on the top of it which will look like hair on it. At idle, it can pull out a hat and cane and start dancing.
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  2. Great idea! I would love to live in that kind of house!

  3. So want the Pumpkin Carriage and the Fiery Wolf Beast! Actually...I want it all muwhaha! lol

  4. Kels, I think by the end of the month you are going to go Halloween Crazy. LOL! Great idea, I love them. BOO!

  5. Great ideas. I hope KingsIsle is paying attention (hint hint, KingsIsle)

    I love the idea of the pumpkin carriage mount. It would be cool if the carriage transformed into a beautiful sparkly Cinderella-ish carriage after you defeat a Boss. Just for a few minutes while we bask in the glory of accomplishment (and others could see that we won). Ok, I guess the guys won't wants sparkles. How about if the pumpkin carriage changes colors: blue to purple to red to yellow to orange with flashing lights and effects. I do want sparkles, though.

    The pumpkin carriage mount could carry 4 wizards into battle together, when they team up.


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