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Krokotopia Skyway in P101

Oh 999,999 Crowns? Gosh I wish.. WAITTTTTT... Krokotopia Skyway?!
I have completed the P101 game and have NOT found this skyway anywhere..
Oooh.. is this a SNEAK PEEK?! :O

So... Krokotopia skyway.. Hmm.. Would be this a world? Or just an area that isn't opened?
I can imagine a world full of sand, but a lot more palm trees, oasis, water and green plants. I also could see tons of Salamander NPCs.. Wait.. Maybe there could be MORE types of colored Salamanders? Ooh, I would love to see a .. Wait.. there's a Orange, Purple, Blue, Green Salamander that exists already in W101 right? So.. We are missing the Yellow, Red (ooh that sounds interesting), what other colors am I missing? Guess that's it... Wait, what if they had cute spotted Salamanders or even hairy Salamanders? I know I sound a bit much, but hey.. You can't beat a cute spotted bearded Salmander ;) Well.. he could have a handlebar mustache...

Okay okay I'm getting way off the point... 
What else I would love to see in Krokotopia? Let me think.
I would actually love to see pyramids that are half finished with ramps running around it on the sides, so we can get to the top and survey my kingdom.. Errm.. I mean the world.
Also rivers like the Nile in Egypt that we could sail along .. Oh right, that would be the skyways.
But there could be rivers running through the world with Krokotopian boats sailing in it on land.
While sailing under a sky of golden hue with tinged orange around the setting sun, we have to be leery of crocodiles who could love to snap us up in a heartbeat! Maybe one of the bosses could be a mega crocodile with red glowing eyes. *shivers* Creepy!

The story line could be similar to Peter Pan since we already have dealt with Cleopatra's story in W101. We could meet up with youthful characters along with Cool Ranch's Bisons. And we have to help them defeat evil pirates! Or the Armada...

I know whatever way they chose to make Krokotopia, it's gonna be epic!
Krokotopia Skyway in P101 Krokotopia Skyway in P101 Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Monday, September 17, 2012 Rating: 5

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